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On the other hand sooner or later he would have to tell her about Marsha, but what would he tell? Still in a thoughtful mood he put the cage back on; somehow it seemed to make sense — a gesture of faith to Candy.
He still had no idea how the day would go when he got to the hospital.

Candy was awake and managed a weak smile when he arrived cam to cam girl.
She was in a single room and still hooked up to an oxygen monitor but all the other wires had gone.

‘Have you got some sort of special pass so you can get in here all the time?’ ‘I think they’ve got used to me.
How are you doing? You look a lot better.
’ ‘I wouldn’t know.
They haven’t shown me a mirror yet.
’ ‘I could take a picture and show you.

’ ‘Did you take any before?’ ‘I did.
It was so awful, I thought I might lose you, so somehow it made sense.
’ ‘Is that how you wanted to remember me?’ ‘No… This is hard and kind of morbid.
Are you sure you want to know?’ ‘Go on, I’m feeling stronger.

’ ‘I thought you might die and if all I had was pictures of you looking great, I worried that sometime in the future I’d start to wonder why.
It might torment me, might make me angry that someone so lively and beautiful wasn’t with me.
I was kind of protecting my future self.

’ He ran his hand through his hair and subsided into a chair at the side of the bed.
‘Poor you,’ she said.
‘I’m surprised you’re here at all.
’ ‘Why?’ ‘Treating you that way.
I’ve been thinking.

I don’t know what happened and no one will tell me, but a nice police lady came to see me to ask what I remembered.
They don’t do that unless something bad happened.
She wouldn’t tell me.
She said she’d need to ask the doctors, but she hasn’t been back.

’ ‘They talked to me as well.
I don’t think you’ll hear from them again.
’ ‘Andy love, could you bear to tell me what happened.
Everything you know.
Even if it’s awful I have to know because lying here not knowing is doing my head in.

’ ‘What’s the last thing you remember?’ ‘Being in the club.
It’s a bit hazy, there was big dick tranny webcam a lot of noise.
I think Sue dared me to suck some guy’s cock under the table.

Someone may have fucked me on the table, I think I must have been on my back, I remember the lights and wires in the ceiling.
That’s about it.
After that I remember waking up here with a tube in my throat and wires everywhere.

My chest hurts but the rest of me just felt like I’d had some sort of pummelling massage.
’ ‘I got some of this from Sue.
You definitely blew seven guys and Sue says two had you on the table.
After that you got obsessed with some guy with a huge cock.
Does that ring any bells?’ ‘No.

’ ‘You phoned me about ten after midnight and said you were getting a lift home.
You told me to wait at the door naked and all my dreams would come true.
You were obviously flying high.
Do you remember phoning?’ ‘I don’t remember.

So two fucks and seven cocks and ten minutes late.
I’m due a load of whacks.
’ ‘You’re in no state for that.
’ ‘Chalk it up,’ she said.
‘One day I’ll be up for it.
What happened next?’ ‘Sue said you went off with this guy Elroy, he of the huge cock.

He had a big convertible.
Sue says she tried to warn you but she thinks you planned to either blow him or fuck tranny chats him in the car, maybe both.
I phoned Sue half an hour later when you didn’t turn up.

Sue said he was a well known bad driver and suggested I phoned the cops and I ended up here half an hour after you.
’ Candy closed here eyes and lay back on the pillow for a moment.
Andy tried to relax into the hospital chair.

There was no comfortable position, but was that the chair’s fault or his mood.
He shuffled uncomfortably for a minute as he waited for Candy’s reaction.
‘I can’t remember any of that,’ she said.
‘What does Elroy say?’ Andy took a deep breath.
There was no avoiding the truth.

He shifted forwards in the chair, getting himself nearer to Candy who opened her eyes and turned towards him.
‘Elroy died in the crash.
’ He stopped, waiting for it to sink in.
Candy lay back on the pillow, eyes closed, her breath coming in shallow gasps.
‘Oh God,’ she whispered.

‘No wonder no one will tell me.
Oh Andy, poor you.
’ She paused longer, her eyes opening again, staring at the ceiling.
Slowly her breathing came back to normal.
‘Does anyone know what happened?’ ‘The car hit the back of a truck and slid underneath it.

It looks like he was about to pass the truck but there was a car coming the other way and he must have changed his mind at the last minute.
That’s what the other driver thought.

The truck driver thought he was going to go past and realised there wasn’t much room, so he slowed down, and in a way that made it worse.
Elroy was going too fast and not paying enough attention.
’ ‘I’m sorry Andy but you have to tell me the whole grisly truth.

How come Elroy died and I didn’t?’ The back of the truck smashed into his head.
He had no chance.
You somehow slid under the dashboard and under the parts of the truck that came through the windscreen.
Your head banged on the underside of the dash and your ribs broke in the foot well.

You were scrunched up on the floor when they found you.
’ There was another long pause as she thought.
‘I’m trying to picture it,’ she said.
‘I couldn’t have been wearing a seat belt.
Is that right? If I’d had a belt on I would have been sitting up.
’ Andy nodded.

‘So why wasn’t I wearing it? I always wear a seat belt.
’ She risked a despairing look at Andy.
‘Was I giving him a blow job? Was that it? Was it my fault?’ ‘He had his hand on the back of your head, so it may not have been your fault.

He was driving fast, one handed and the wreck was such a mess that no one can say what did happen.
’ ‘Oh shit.
What was I thinking? You ought to divorce me.
I’m no good for you.

’ ‘Don’t say that.
’ ‘Andy,’ she said, becoming more animated.
‘It’s crazy, I’m crazy, no one needs cock that much.
It’s not more important than anything else.
’ ‘Relax love.
You made it out alive.
’ ‘Andy, that’s not the point.

I was completely daft.
I got a lift with a big cock, not with a safe driver.
’ ‘It was partly my fault, if we hadn’t had our silly rule about midnight you could have stayed longer and I could have collected you.
’ ‘No,’ she said.
‘I made up most of those rules.

You could have come with me but I didn’t let you.
It’s my fault and it’s my fault that Elroy’s dead.
If I hadn’t asked for a lift with him he’d have still been at the club.
Andy I don’t even know him.
I don’t know what he looks like.

He might have a family.
’ ‘He hasn’t.
I checked.
’ She turned quickly to look at him again.
‘You checked?’ ‘It seemed like the right thing to do.

’ ‘You were going to apologise for your wife’s crazy behaviour.

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