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She then straddled me, grinding her white pantied crotch across my hard dick, still struggling within in the constraints of my spandex briefs.
Lisa stood back up and yanked my briefs down springing my hard cock from its spandex prison pornstars live cam.

I can’t really admit to having a huge cock, but it’s fat and on the good side six inches erect.
With my good sized balls I rock a nice package.
Lisa dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth, simply to lube my cock with saliva.

She then sat back, I thought to admire it, no she spat on my cock and worked her hand over it.
With the same hand she wiped it roughly across my mouth to taste her spit covered, cock tasting palm.

Lisa then straddled me again, this time pulling aside her pretty white panties to allow access to her fabulous shaved pussy.
I held my thumb to my plump glans and pushed it into her sopping wet cunt.
She tried on my cock for size, she wriggled and writhed on it, throwing her hair back.

I ran my hands and eyes down over her torso and breasts, as she cupped her tits to work over her erect long nipples through her top.
It felt exactly like being in some awesome eighties action film where the guy finally gets to fuck the girl he’s protecting from guys in black Mercedes Benz with shot guns ‘n’ stuff.

Holy Shit, she didn’t have bra on.
Her tits sat as they did within the white wife beater singlet, seemingly defying gravity.
I quickly pulled the singlet up and off her.
Her tits were simply the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.

I soon had my hands clapped on those firm tits and my mouth suckered onto her long, hard nipples.
Lisa pushed my head back by the ears, squaring her lips and gnashing her teeth.
“Get and do me sunshine!” I really can’t brag how she rode me for hours or how awesome I am at fucking.

I came quite quickly, jolting load after heavy load deep inside her within mere minutes.
well mere minute, if being completely honest.
Lisa looked at me, eyebrows arched.
“We are far from done here.

speedy!” We swapped, Lisa now on her back on my couch me on the floor as if worshiping at the altar of the White Witch of the North’s come nourished cunt.
In full knowledge I’d be eating my own come I, without hesitation, hungrily went to work pleasuring Lisa with my mouth.

I was more than happy eating my come out of Lisa’s glorious, shaved cunt.
Shaking my head side to side pushing my tongue deep into her.
Sucking on her clit and working over it with my tongue, savouring every crease and ridge of her labia and inner walls.

She tasted sweet as watermelon and her thighs smelt of strawberry body wash.
I finger fucked her, finding the sponginess of her g-spot and working it over by drawing my fingers forward over this special spot.

I withdrew my fingers and pushed her legs back and up to rim her anus, finding more of my come had trickled here too.
I pressed on emboldened by Lisa’s enjoyment and, to be quite frank, I was enjoying cams for porn the filthy sleaziness of consuming my own come.

I then licked my forefinger and gently inserted it into Lisa’s hot, tight and strong anus.
Lisa was soon crying out.
Coming again and again, as my finger drove slowly into her ass.

As we lay in post match bliss, sharing one of Lisa’s Marlboros she said, “Mmm, so your mouth and that dick are as good as the mind I so enjoy on Facebook.
There I’ve said it, better watch it flyboy you might just get the girl after all.

” Later, as I shut the door after Lisa, my first thought was, Wonderful, my big dumb personality and indeed mouth has done it again.
I swear its a curse.
I open my eyes and slowly come to wakefulness.
Glancing at the alarm clock, I see that it is eight in the morning.

The aroma of coffee wafts through the room, and I can hear sounds from the kitchen of breakfast being prepared.
Swinging my legs out of bed, I don a pair of cutoff jeans before I go downstairs.
“Good morning, and happy birthday,” my wife Alice greets me as I enter the kitchen.

“Good god fifty today,” I realize.
She comes over and gives me a chaste kiss on the lips, and hands me my coffee.
“Now eat your breakfast, take your pills as we are going out.
” “Where are we going?” “It’s a surprise.
” “Okay,” I mumble.

I look at her in her cutoff jeans and her tight T-shirt and wonder where, and when, the magic disappeared between us.
Twenty-five years of marriage behind us, yet today we are no longer lovers.
Yes, we are close and affectionate, but the sexual excitement is in the past.

We still ritually make love on occasion, but it is just a release without actual passion.
Almost mutual masturbation.
Yes, time has changed our bodies.
I am no longer the young stud, however, I play tennis, golf and swim regularly and for my age, I think I still look good.

Alice also has changed.
She still has a good figure, slightly more weight than she used to carry before, but looking at her objectively, she carries her forty-five years very well.
This year she is a red head with dark red lustrous hair.

Always flawlessly made up with firm boobs and a tight body.
Dressed the way she is today, I can see where she would look attractive to others, but as I said the magic is webcam ass shaking gone between us.

As I finish breakfast, she says, “Come, let’s go,” her whole faces radiating excitement.
Following her to the car, I wonder where she is taking me.
I hope not to a run of antique stores or gift shops.
She races out of the driveway and floors the Porsche.
“Hey, slow down.

Wherever we are going it would be good to get there in one piece.
” “Sorry,” she smiles.
“It is that I don’t want to be late.
” “Late for what?” “You’ll see it is a surprise.

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