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She sucked me deeply as she was on her knees as I remembered back to the last time again and to the fact that she was so unwilling at the start of that time, yet so willing this time.
I had to pull her head up after she had pushed me to the edge.
I wanted her body again.

My mind had thought about it often since the last time and I did not want just an amazing blow job; I wanted more.
Taking her hand and guided her back to the lounge, before grabbing each leg in my hand and pulling them outwards as she slid down in the lounge.

I then spread her legs to see she did not have any panties on under that skirt.
I smiled as I ran my hands down her legs as my mouth met them at the end as my tongue pressed against her pussy.

Gemma moaned as I pressed harder against her soft pussy with my tongue licking and pushing in her wetness.
My fingers then glided up and down her clit as the wetness quickly built up covering my fingers.

When I decided to slip my index and middle finger into her wetness I was not surprised at how easily they went in.
After two long and deep pushes into Gemma with my fingers which drew a gasp quickly followed by a moan, I started to finger fuck her as she writhed on the lounge.

Gemma’s breathing became intense and I could sense she was on the edge as her body stiffened a little as I then jammed my hand harder against her as I fingered her dripping wet pussy.
Gemma squealed as she came right there, her juices covering my hand.

After she stopped twitching from orgasm, I slowly withdrew my fingers and looked at her juices covering them.
Gemma had not moved and when I looked back down at her pussy I could see her juices running out from her pussy and down her thighs and ass and onto my leather lounge.

My cock needed her as I again took her arm and moved her off the lounge this time as she stood beside me on uneasy legs.
Taking hold of her shoulder I turned her around and pushed her back so she was bent over the side of the lounge.

Guiding my cock, I penetrated her soaked pussy sliding as far into her until my body was against hers.
Gemma was still wet from her juices that had dripped onto her body.
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The next few minutes were almost a blur as I fucked her bent over my lounge.
It did not take long for Gemma to again be on the edge and I leaned forward grabbing both shoulders as I fucked her hard as she came in fits of screaming.

I stopped with my cock as far in her as I could while her orgasm reverberated through her body.
Slowly I then moved out, about to start thrusting again, when my cock slid too far and out of her from the wetness of her pussy.
I grabbed her ass as I guided my cock once more inside her.

I could feel the sweat and juices on her ass as I did and I moved my right hand on her ass as the other moved to her hip.
My thumb found its way to her small asshole that was moist from when she was laying on the lounge.

By now I was thrusting inside Gemma again as she moaned in pleasure while I fucked her.
As her moans grew louder, my thumb started to circle around her anus and a naughty thought was starting to build in my mind.

Although Gemma was again on the edge, when my thumb gently pushed against her hole, Gemma immediately felt it and mover her hand behind her, grabbing my arm and pulling it away from her ass.
“Naughty Mister Clark,” she said as I kept on sliding my cock inside her.

Gemma again started moaning and I could tell she was on the edge once more.
I black shemale destiny cam built up speed with my thrusting and just as she climaxed, I put my thumb back and pushing it into her ass.

Gemma was screaming in pleasure from the orgasm she was having and also in the surprise of my thumb.
She again moved her hand around once her orgasm had passed, trying to pull my hand away.
This time I did not let her as I pushed her hand away and moved my thumb around her ass again.

“Please Mister Clark,” she said still trying to regain her breath.
I ignored her appeal and glided my thumb in and out of her ass as I started to again slide inside her soaked pussy with my rock hard cock.

It did not take long for Gemma to again climax as I hit that spot deep inside her pussy.
Sliding out of her pussy, I then guided the head of my cock to her moist asshole which I had been playing with for the past few minutes.

Touching her ass, Gemma said, “I’ve never done that before Mister Clark.
I’m a bit scared.
” “Trust me Gemma, I’m sure you will like it,” I said reassuringly as I pushed the head of my cock into her ass as she gasped.
“Please be gentle Mister Clark, I am scared it will hurt,” she pleaded.

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