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The bed sheet around me began to slip off. I moved back and fell on the bed in an attempt to stop the bed sheet from slipping off. As I fell on bed, Bina fell along on top of me.
I clutched her waist instinctively. Our mouths were level and her lips were almost on mine.

She encircled her two hands around my waist and clutched me tight pushing her body into me. Her face fell on my chest. She felt hair on my chest poking into her nose. I had no control over my lund. It had uncoiled, turning into a hard steel rod.

My fully erect cock poked into her crotch. Bina’s hair fell all over my face covering my face completely. I was no longer in control of my actions. I raised my hands and caught her face between my hands. I pulled her face hard and pressed her lips on mine.

I sucked onto her lips and holding her head between my hands, I kissed her wildly. In the process, young naked webcam I did not care that the bed sheet fell apart. Bina could not move her head away and gradually responded to my kisses and let her saliva slide into my mouth.

It was one hell of a kiss, which I would never forget. Her lips constantly wetted mine and my tongue poked into her mouth and tested her saliva. Her pert nipples poked into my chest. I raised her gown up and shemale on female cam slid my hands inside.

I felt the edge of her wet panty. Her secret was exposed. She was horny too. I inserted my fingers into her panty, grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed them hard. I heard Bina whistling in pain as I pinched her butts. I was amazed at this woman’s ferocity of kissing.

She was the same woman, who made such a big fuss about my touching her.
After the kiss, I spoke into her ears, “Now you won’t mind my touching you, will you?”
She bit my lips so hard that a drop of blood oozed out of the cut. She slipped down by my side.

She removed the bed sheet camouflaging my lower half to expose my erect and eager cock, which stood up proudly like a flag pole. I am blessed with a sizable girth and length. I saw a look of amazement on her face momentarily. She then closed her eyes and gripped it in her hand.

My cock was liberally oozing out pre-cum from the tip of its stem. She slid her fingers around its mushroom head. I was getting dizzy with webcam shemales her loving caress of my rock hard lund.

She grabbed the foreskin of my lund and pumped the ring of her fingers around it in an up and down motion to crank my shaft gently.
I discarded the last camouflage of the bed sheet. I was fully naked. I inserted my hand into her gown and grabbed her full globes under the bra.

That moment was perhaps the most ecstatic moment of my life until then. Her tight supple and fully grown breasts felt smooth and slippery. Her erect nipples were a joy to feel. I pinched one so hard that Bina let out an “Ouch” in muffled voice.

I raised her gown over her head to take it off her. Bina complied to discard it in a corner of the room. The strapped bra was just a formality and I pushed it above to expose her juicy boobs. Bina cranked one arm and unstrapped her bra and took it off her.

We were at that time, a couple fiercely engaged in activities leading to an inevitable coitus union. I wondered in my mind, how I was able to break through the barrier of this woman who looked so sternly conservative and stubborn that at one time, my persistent efforts looked hopeless. Perhaps her resistance and reluctance were a fa├žade to discourage casual flirts. Her conservative behaviour hid inside a deeply passionate woman.
There was only her flimsy wet panty that was covering her modesty.

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