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But after our steamy conversation last Sunday, during which we analyzed the details of our very inappropriate relationship as teenagers, I was quite confident that I knew what my brother would decide.
If there was any doubt about whether or not still harbored a deep emotional connection, and attraction, for his little sister, our joint masturbation session on the phone eliminated all doubt.

Yes, I was quite certain that Gary could not pass up the opportunity to finally fuck his little sister, now that she was an adult, and all american shemales webcam safely on the pill.
As I hung up the phone, I realized my head was spinning and my pulse was racing.

I sat silently for several minutes recalling to myself, precisely how I got to a point in my life where I would actually consider calling my brother to invite him to visit my partner and me, with the implied promise that the visit would result in us resuming a totally inappropriate intimate relationship…one that started and ended when I was sixteen years old, and still living under my parents’ roof.
What bizarre sequence of events would make this even possible?

Yes, I was also quite nervous about his potential visit, or perhaps scared was a better word.
And yet, the prospect excited me beyond words.

I spend the next twenty minutes, sitting silently, deep in thought recalling those critical months of my youth where hormones, and sexual curiosity, had caused me to do things that would alter the trajectory of my life forever.
Although Gary was almost three years older than me, I had always been the instigator of our sexual activities.

It was me, not my older brother, who set these events into motion.
Oh yes, we had both been willing participants…no question about that.

But I was the little minx who teased my older brother, tempted him beyond reason, and actually initiated the activities that society would damn us for, if they only knew.
It started when we were in high school, sharing a bathroom that connected our two bedrooms.

It was just Gary and me on the entire second floor of our parents’ home, giving us a great deal of privacy.
And, this privacy emboldened me to be quite the little tease.
I would regularly walk past my brother in just my bra and panties, or wearing just a towel after showering.

I would leave my bedroom door ajar while I dressed and undressed.
I liked to blow dry my hair, naked in front of the mirror of my vanity with the door open slightly.

As a eighteen your old, virile young man, Gary could not seem to resist the temptation to venture by my open door whenever he heard the blow drier.
I would catch him looking in at my naked form, studying the reflection of my erect nipples in the mirror.

Often, I would ignore his gaze and just let him watch.
I would pretend that I did not know he was spying on me.
My vagina would grow moist, then wet as I sat there, naked, under his gaze.

I loved the rush of power and control I felt, knowing that I could captivate and arouse my older brother so easily.
Gradually, I became bolder.
After allowing him to study my nakedness for several minutes, I would look up, catch his reflection in the mirror, and smile.

I would turn off the hair dryer, stand up slowly and walk to the door, without covering myself.
Smiling, I would say coyly, “I better close this before you get the wrong idea.
” I loved seeing the large bulge that was so evident in his pants as I closed the door and ended the show.

I never intended my game of ‘show and don’t tell’ to become physical.
I was merely basking in the joy of having the power over my older brother to cause him to stare, open mouthed, admiringly at his little sister’s budding breasts and naked buttocks and pubic region and watch his pants bulge so quickly.

The power I experienced was simply intoxicating.
Frequently, after exposing myself to him, he would vanish to his room, close and lock his door, and masturbate.
I could hear the springs of his bed, squeaking quietly and rhythmically, as he relieved himself.

Knowing that I had aroused my older brother to the point of causing him to jack off aroused me as well.
I often would rub my little nubbins as I listened to Gary’s bed creaking, imagining I could watch him stimulating himself.
Gary left for college before anything physical happened between us.

But as I confessed in previous chapters, that all changed when my brother returned over Christmas break during his freshman year.
Curious and emboldened, I entered his room one morning, when he had a very noticeable morning erection…and I was able to convince him to show me how he masturbated.

That morning triggered a chain of events over the next few weeks, that led to me masturbating him, Gary fingering me, us driving each other to orgasm from wet humping on each other, to me performing fellatio on him, and Gary driving me to powerful orgasms with his tongue and mouth.
In short, we did virtually everything there is to do without actually having intercourse.

I had actually grown aroused, sitting there, recalling this sordid time in my youth.
But until recently, my sins were a tightly held secret…one that only my brother and I knew about; and one that neither of us had spoken of in nearly a decade.

But a week ago, my life partner, Marc, pressed me about discussing my fantasies as a teenager…and in the spirit of candor and openness, I slowly opened up, and I gradually confessed one thing after another.
This confession started out by me simply admitted a very naughty fantasy I had as a young girl…a fantasy in which I was caught masturbating by my brother, and as punishment I was forced to strip in front of my dad and older brother.

It was a silly, unrealistic fantasy; one that was quite naughty; however, it was quite effective in my teenager masturbation sessions.
But that confession piqued Marc’s interest causing him to pry into my actual relationship with my brother.

And to my surprise, rather than being repulsed by my teenage incestuous relationship ladyboy webcams movies with my brother, Marc was intrigued, and aroused by it! And, to my shock and amazement, as I confessed that foot webcam was my one, and only regret was that I had not given my virginity to my brother, and that he had not been my first.

Marc suggested I invite my brother for a visit to rectify that omission.
So, here I found myself, inviting my brother to come visit my life partner and me to bed me…to complete the improper incestuous defiling of his younger sister.
And the thought of what might happen, and what it meant, both terrified me, and excited me.
In the days leading up to Gary’s arrival, my mind and thoughts were all over the place.

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