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Andy slowly turned their bodies, keeping skin contact but nudging Marsha’s foot backwards, turning the hug into a waltz, slow dancing through the door and into the house.
“This is your idea of domination?” “No, it’s my idea of receiving your submission and me surprising you.

” “You’ve been thinking about this.
” “Seems like I have to.
The domination thing was spooking me.
I don’t see myself ordering Candy around.
” “So?” “I started to see it the other way around, it’s the submission that matters.

I can see that something must be done to keep that in place but it doesn’t have to be some crazy macho thing.
” “Go on, you’ve got me curious now. chat with trannys
” “Keeping you naked tonight was easy.

I could lock up all of Candy’s clothes but it could be more sophisticated than that; like a costume for a particular day.
” “Like me now.
” “Exactly.
All sorts of possibilities.
Days with no underwear, days in bondage, days with Ben Wa balls.

Many ways of making her feel controlled and submissive.
” “What about all the sucking and fucking?” “I’m working on that.
” He paused for a second and then another.
“Keep going.
” “I thought I might pick up some ideas from Mistress.

” “So you’re going?” “I think so — unless I chicken out when I get there.
” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Andy rang the doorbell exactly on time.
The door opened with precision.

Andy had cleared his work, not difficult given that he was the major shemale sex stars cam shareholder and he had visited the hospital.
Candy was making progress but beginning to mobilise her had revealed some new problems.

Her weeks unconscious and sex cams live then on the ventilator had left her with wasted muscles and once she was on her feet other details emerged.
She had broken bones and damaged ligaments in both feet, crushed twisted into the footwell of the car.

Such things had mattered little when no one knew if she would live.
The fractures were noted when she came in but there were more important things back then — making sure she lived.

That afternoon they had agreed that some minor surgery was necessary to get the breaks in her feet to set at the right angles.
If she had been up and well, she could have had the procedures done and gone home afterwards.

In her weak state, they planned to do the surgery and continue building her strength in hospital.
Andy didn’t know whether to be dismayed at the setback or pleased that two more weeks in the hospital gave him longer to learn and plan.

All this was running around in his head as he stood in the hallway.
What would Candy think if she knew? He had vacillated about whether to tell Candy about Mistress? Marsha knew, so did he have to tell Candy? Marsha could keep a secret.

It would serve Candy right, she’d kept Marsha secret.
Secrets were a bad idea, but if she knew.
if she knew Candy would want to come to Mistress.
Did that make sense? Would Mistress want her?

By the time he got to the hospital, he had decided the secret was part of his planning and he’d already had Candy agree, well sort of agree, not raise any objections anyway, to the idea that she shouldn’t know his plans.
He was still feeling some guilt, for not telling Candy, when he was standing in Mistress’s hall.

A metallic, robotic voice broke into his internal debate.
“Remove all your clothes and put them in locker one.
We code the lock to your name.
Return to the centre of the hall and wait, hands behind your back at all times.
” He did as he was told.

After standing naked, hands behind his back for two minutes the door behind him opened.
A waft of perfume and a quiet footstep tempted him to turn around, but he resisted.
The footsteps retreated.
Minutes later the door opened again, this time the steps came closer.

He felt breath on his neck and then a whisper.
“Your collar.
” Whatever it was he had no idea, leather perhaps, cool but not cold enough to be metal.

He couldn’t see it, somehow whoever was behind him had hidden the collar under his chin as she — it had to be a female — wrapped it around his neck.
A kiss on the back of his neck distracted him at the same time that cuffs were applied to his wrists and locked together.

The feeling of anticipation was almost overwhelming but what happened turned out to be a very different experience.
Nothing happened.
More exactly, a very active nothing.
The perfumed breath behind him disappeared and was replaced by silence.

With no way to keep track of the time, he stood alone, curious, reflecting.
He heard a door open behind him again and then the sound of heels on the hard floor.
Two women, quiet voices.
It was impossible to make out the words; was it a foreign language or were they talking gibberish, almost like a theatrical crowd saying ‘rhubarb, rhubarb’ to make background noise.

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