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If they didn’t, I would be totally surprised.
I won’t be asking either one, but I’m sure I’ll find out someday.
I hope they did! Still three.
Our sex continued to be innovative and exciting.

My ass continued to expand and was asking for bigger and wider dildo.
And we needed to oblige.
My wife continued fucking me and now with Nancy our sex got into a new dimension.
I was always asking my wife if she felt that she was losing her love for me and giving it to Nancy.

My wife was very adamant that Nancy only signified a sexual partner that was giving her a new kind of pleasure but that we have a lot of years on this marriage and that she was never going to let me go.
Nancy understood that too and she was ok with it.
Nancy was having a world of fun with us.

Nancy was getting her lesbian sex, her hetero sex and her fucking a man sex.
Nancy was doing me also!.
And I was in anal sex heaven.
Usually we conducted our sex on the week ends.
Monday to Thursday was my wife and I by ourselves.

Friday Nancy would get home with my wife and she would leave Sunday very late in the afternoon.
We had almost hrs of constant sex.
On Fridays most likely it would start with Nancy and my wife securing me to our bed with the straps that we already had at home.
Hands/wrists, ankles.

And these were stretched enough to have me tied without much movement.
I really liked the expectation and the unknown.
I would be blindfolded and gagged.
Pillows under my stomach, my ass high for easy penetration.
Either one would lube my hole and a vibrating butt plug inserted in my hole.

My pissing tube attached to my cock and I was ready now to be left alone.
The wife and Nancy most likely would go out to eat and a movie or simply to eat.
At times they would let me know that they were going to dance a bit at Nancy ’s lesbian club.

My wife admitted to me that that was turning her on real hot.
My wife said that Nancy would grab her close to her body, pressing her chest/tits to my wife’s and that the four nipples would get hard and were being pleasured.
My wife said that their dancing was pure sexual foreplay.

And that made both of them eager to get back home and start the fucking fest.
We had agreed that there was never going to come a new member and certainly no man.
My wifey and I trusted each other and we did not want to mess a GREAT thing.

So while Nancy and my wife were out I was expecting with my butt plug vibrating and getting hornier and hornier by the minute.
Gagged and blindfolded making my wait more exiting.
I could not see or talk.
I could not move and I was there with my ass ready to be fucked.

I usually dozed off a bit and would be awakened when somebody was removing my nude thai ladyboys webcams butt plug and the pissing tube.
I never knew who was doing what and who would fuck my hole first and whose pussy I would eat.

Sure enough this Friday was like a whole bunch of other Fridays.
The girls arrived and silently they began disconnecting the butt plug and the piss tube.
They applied more lube and pretty soon I was feeling the strap on dildo penetrating my ass.

Little by little the dildo was advancing inside my hole and the sphincter nerves were telling my brain that I was beginning to develop sexual pleasure.
I had spoken some time back already that I woulf like for whoever cock it was to go ahead and slide ALL THE WAY IN because I wanted to feel my fucker’s thighs pressing my thighs.

I wanted to feel my hole filled with that cock and I wanted to enjoy that moment a few minutes.
So as soon as I felt her thighs pressing the back my thighs I knew her cock was all inside my ass.
I was fully and royally penetrated.

The head of the cock as it went in touched my prostate giving me my first sexual shock.
Then I felt somebody removing my gag so I could begin eating pussy.
And the vocals began.
How is our bitch today?? How is that hole we love?? Is it all in bitch??

Here we will rock your hole and you will cum and cum.
Hey Nancy how is our bitch eating you today?? ( I knew then that my ladyboy film webcam wife’s cock was inside my ass.
) My wife held the cock a few minutes and then she began out, in to fuck me good.

I was close to cumming because the butt plug had done a lot of foreplay and I was ready.
Nancy ’s pussy felt delicious.
I am beginning to establish a difference between my wife’s taste and Nancy ’s.
Come on bitch do something to let us know that you are being sexually pleasured.

And at the moment, I cum.
I exploded (like usually) and my milk began flowing from my cock to the bed linens.
The ejaculation began pulling semen from the depths of my testicles and I spent a great amount of cum.
The pleasure was unbelievable.

I felt Nancy begin her pre-orgasms excitement and her twitching and turning and moving was removing her pussy from my mouth.
I was getting desperate to milk Nancy all I could.
The more I got out of her the bigger her orgasm and the more satisfaction I would feel.

I also was squirting away and my after shock was simply put fan-fucking-tastic.
Since my wife was fucking me her clit was getting stimulated also and her orgasm was also cumming.
Nancy exploded, I had exploded a bit before and now my wife began exploding.
It was quite a show.

Once we finished our after shocks, I heard the girls talking that they ere going to release me.
My wife wanted me to put on a strap on to use it on her and Nancy also would wear a young shemale webcams videos strap on and my wife would get DP with strap ons.

She had requested that already before and she was enjoying it very much.
So that is what we did and we, Nancy and I, began the DP with my wife as the receiving partner.

I laid down on the bed (I had placed the battery butt plug inside of my ass, so I was getting my sex also) and my wife came to me and sat her ass hole on my dildo.
She basically lowered herself onto my dildo and she penetrated herself all the way in.
Her back door hole was full with my dildo.

She accommodated herself there by wiggling a bit.
So now she laid back and rested on my chest.
Then Nancy came by my wife’s front and began positioning herself so that her dildo could come into my wife’s pussy with ease.
Nancy penetrated her pussy all the way.

Now my wife had a full DP going on her.
My position was not allowing me to move much.
But Nancy became a ramming piston.
Nancy began fucking my wife like there was not going to be another chance to fuck my wife.

Nancy was giving my wife the full hard and fast in/out to drive my wife to a very slutty behavior.
My wife was yelling the usual “more” and “harder”.
“Don’t stop Nancy ”, “harder!!”, “faster”, “OMG, all the way in” “fill me up completely”.
“I want to feel you all inside me and feel your cock coming out and pushing back in”.

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