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They met back outside the locker room. Sean gave Lucy his swim trunks, which he had wrung out, and she put them in their bag and they walked to the car. Lucy felt invigorated by the workout and pool time. On the way home, Sean stopped at a diner and they went in for some lunch.

Sean ordered for Lucy, but this time she didn’t think twice about it. While waiting for the food to arrive, Lucy’s thoughts turned back to her earlier thoughts in the hot tub. As she did, her mind posed a question.
“Sir, may I ask something?”
“Of course, Lucy. What is it?”
“Well, Sir.

If you own me, will it be permanent?”
“That’s up to you, Lucy. I can’t – and won’t – force you to serve me. ” Sean had a concerned look on his face as he spoke.
“Oh, no, Sir. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, what if some day. I can’t serve you?

I mean, if I get sick or something. ”
Sean’s expression relaxed at that, “Oh, Lucy, don’t worry about that. Your service to me is not just in what you can do with your body and limbs. Your body is a tool of your mind, and it’s your mind that serves. It’s your mind I desire to own.

I will never expect more of you than you can give. If you were bedridden, then your service would be to concentrate only on healing. You may choose to leave my service, but I will never cast you out. ”
Lucy smiled. Maybe “love” really was just a word.

“Thank you, Sir. ”
Sean just smiled in response and took Lucy’s hand and kissed it.
The moment was broken by the waitress bringing their food. Lucy’s burger was delicious and she was hungrier webcam girls chat than she thought.

When they were done, Sean paid the check and they went home. When they arrived, Lucy took off her clothes and took them and the wet swimsuits to the laundry hamper. Sean reappeared from the bedroom. He had that look on his face Lucy had seen before.

He said, “And now, Lucy, I want to have some fun with you. ”
Lucy shuddered and simultaneously the butterflies returned to her stomach and her pussy began to awaken. She sex webcam shows followed him back to the bedroom.

When they arrived, Lucy saw that the bed was filled with all sorts of S&M equipment. She saw cuffs, a spreader bar, a couple of floggers, paddles. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers. She couldn’t help saying out loud, “oh my God. ”
Sean just smiled his wicked smile.

Lucy froze – half in fear, half simply waiting for instructions.
Sean took the spreader bar bent down and attached it to her left ankle. She knew what was next – she moved her right foot outwards so he could secure it at the other end.

The bar held her legs apart just enough to be a bit uncomfortable, but not so much that she couldn’t stand. Sean stood back up and put a cuff on each of her wrists. These he clipped together and reached behind her and came back with a length of rope attached to a turnbuckle. Lucy looked up.

The rope passed through a pully conveniently located on the ceiling tranny scat cam tube. Sean pulled the free end, hauling her wrists upwards. He tightened the rope until her weight just started to come off her feet. She cried out at being stretched like this.

Sean went behind her and tied the rope off. Mercifully, in doing so he allowed her a tiny bit of slack. Now her bondage was merely uncomfortable. He reappeared in front of her. She was nervous bordering on fearful. But a calm part of her brain recalled his promise to her.

All she had to do was ask him to take off her collar and he’d let her go.
He walked up to her and stood in front of her and just stared at her. He had his familiar look, like he had X-ray vision.

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