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I grabbed a handful of Jacqui’s hair and held her head as I pushed my cock into her mouth; my other hand grabbed her beautiful butt and gave it a squeeze.
I squeezed hard enough that she seemed to gasp—at least as well as she could with her mouth full!

Then I grabbed at her panties and pulled at them.
I yanked so hard I heard the material tear.
When I pulled one last time, they came off altogether in my hand, and she was naked but for stockings and heels.
“Oh God Jacqui, that feels amazing,” I rasped as my fingernails dug into her ass.

She was sucking my cock, and her tongue was pressed against my shaft.
My fingers found her pussy and I pushed two inside her—she was so hot, so wet.
I was convinced she wanted me—desired me—with the same animal passion I was feeling for her.

She looked up at me with her mouth full, eyes smiling but widened when I pushed my fingers back inside her.
“Do you like that?” I whispered, “Do you?” All she could do was groan and give a little nod.
I pushed my fingers deeper inside her.

“Do you like feeling my fingers in your cunt?” She groaned her assent.
My cock was throbbing, big booty black shemales webcams my heart beating fast, and my fingers slick with her juice.
I wanted more.
I wanted to give Jacqui what she wanted; more of this animal lust.

My fingers slipped from her pussy and brushed against her asshole.
Her mouth opened wide and she gasped; air rushing past my cock into her mouth.
In all the times we had made love we had never even talked about anal; it had never come up.

But that night was not a night for asking permission, for discussing limits; for pushing envelopes.
I pushed my finger inside, feeling her asshole tight around my finger as it went one knuckle deep.
“And how about that?” I asked.

“I bet you like that don’t you?” She moaned her assent and I pushed my finger deeper, deep enough inside her so that my knuckles were pressed against the soft flesh of her ass.
I felt her try to pull away; try to pull off my prick.
She came up for air, “Oh God, Robert.

Please—fuck me!” I knew I would; I knew tranny in miami webcam I must—but not yet.
I slipped my finger from her ass.
“Are you feeling dirty?” She nodded.
“Are you my dirty girl tonight, my whore?” “Oh yes,” she replied.

I want to be your whore.
I’m all yours.
You know I am.
” As if to punctuate her statement she kissed the tip of my cock, then licked down along its length.
She was driving me wild, insane with desire.
I so wanted to have her, to take her.

“I’m your whore Robert, your slut.
Just take me.
Show me I’m yours.
Show me how you want me.
” I felt the tip of her tongue teasing at my balls and it was my turn to groan.

I grabbed at her ass, mauling her soft flesh as she teased me.
Jacqui was still kneeling next to me as I lay on her bed.
I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me, laying her across my lap.
I could feel her breasts against my thighs.

I spanked her ass.
It stung my hand so I know it stung her too, and her body jerked.
Whack! I spanked her again, and again her body jerked in reaction.
That beautiful, near naked body.
“You’re mine!” I whispered, “You’re my slut.

What are you?” “I’m,” Whack! “Your,” Whack! “Slut!” Whack! My cock was throbbing now, almost painful.
I so wanted her—wanted Jacqui like never before.
I slid my hand between her legs, one finger slipping between the velvet folds of her pussy.
“Your cunt is mine.

” I growled.
“Oh yes.
Yes it is.
” I pushed two fingers inside her.
She was so wet, so hot, so willing.
“Get on your knees, whore.

” She knelt up on the bed and I got behind her.
I grabbed her waist and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit.
Jacqui groaned.
She wanted this as much as me.
I held her waist tight and rammed forward, impaling her on my prick in a single movement.

She squealed in surprise as I filled her.
I felt her pussy tighten around me as it always did, but then I spanked her again and it tightened even more.
“Oh God, Robert.
” She whispered.
“You feel huge.

Like you’re going to split me in two.
” I slid my cock almost out of her then rammed it home again; grinding into her tight pussy.
Leaning forward I grabbed her breast in my hand, twisting her nipple as I thrust again and again.
She did feel tight and I felt huge.

And I wanted her so badly.
My thrusting accelerated and Jacqui pushed back against each thrust, anticipating them, and wanting every last inch of me inside her.
“Oh Robert,” she said, “Do something for me.
” “What?” “Fuck my ass.
No one has ever fucked my ass.

” I hadn’t ever fucked a girl in the ass before either.
Michelle and I had tried once and she didn’t like it so we didn’t ever try again, but tonight I was more than ready to give Jacqui what she wanted! I pulled out of her cunt and admired her butt.
Oh God, she was beautiful!

I couldn’t help but crush those beautiful cheeks in my hands, getting a whimper of pain from her; especially after the spanking from earlier.
My cock was still slick from her pussy juices as I spread her cheeks apart.

I reached my fingers into her pussy, wetting them and at the same time getting squeals of pleasure from Jacqui.
With my fingers wet with her juices, I rubbed them along her slit, making sure she was lubricated before placing my wet, slick cock at the top tgirl webcam entrance to her rosebud.
The sight of her bottom stretching out this wide for the first time was amazing, made even better knowing that it was my cock that was about to invade her.
I put my cock at her entrance and didn’t warn her as I drove inside her, a little slow at first, then when I felt her resistance fade, I steadily drove deeper and deeper inside her.
“Oh fuck!” Jacqui groaned as I pierced her.

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