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By my senior year I was fully in love with the idea of interracial sex, and specifically black men fucking white women.
To me, women who had been black-fucked were prettier, sexier, and infinitely more exciting than white women who had never been with a black man.

By the time I was married, I had a huge collection of VHS porn, most of them interracial.
Back in those days at the beginning of my marriage, I had no idea what a cuckold is.

I’d never heard the word and had no idea there’s an entire lifestyle dedicated to husbands who enjoy being humiliated by wives that fuck other men.
Although I didn’t know what it was called, I thought about being one.
I thought I was alone in my perversions until I discovered the internet.

That’s when I realized that I desperately wanted to be one of those men.
I wanted Lori to fuck other men, black men, and I wanted to feel the humiliation that would bring.
Lori had a sheltered life as a child and was ready to cut loose a little when she got away from home.

She maintained her proper ladylike appearance when we found a new church in Plainfield, but she was willing to try new things.
I quickly introduced her to my stash of VHS porn movies and took her to an adult bookstore.

She learned about sex quickly, and I learned right from the start that she has a real knack for sucking cock.
I also learned something else which has keeps me hard whenever we’re around male friends.
Lori is a flirt around men, and I wasn’t sure how far she would be willing to go.

I had an interest in swinging, and in time I tried to introduce the idea to her.
She was shocked that I would bring something like that up, although she wasn’t as upset with me about it as she could have been.
She didn’t understand why I would be so willing to share her with other men.

That was about the time I realized that I also had similar desires to some of the submissive husbands that I was reading about on the internet.
I am five feet and ten inches tall and weighted one hundred and seventy pounds at that time.

I’m not especially muscular or athletic, and my cock is only five and a half inches long and of average thickness.
So, I was able to identify with the submissive husbands I read about big boob webcam girl, especially since my favorite thing to do is eat pussy.

I got turned on thinking about those big, black cocks fucking Lori.
I wasn’t the most popular guy in town working as a collections person for the rent-to-own store.
I had to go to customers’ homes and attempt to collect the debts.

Sometimes I got the money, other times I would get a commitment to pay at a later date.
The worst was when I had to repossess the furniture and was cussed and even threatened.

One upside was that periodically, female customers would accidently-on-purpose flash me their tits in hopes of staving off repossession, and it worked a few times.
Our customers are almost entirely lower income.

Many of them are blacks who live in the poor sections in Aurora, which is a city contiguous to Plainfield, and I got to know them pretty well.
That was my first chance to mix with black people, since having my interracial sex fantasies as a teenager.

I was fascinated bareback tranny cum cam and at the same time intimidated by most of the men who projected a badass image.
It was also my first opportunity to meet real life interracial couples.

Many of those interracial families live in poorly kept and furnished homes or apartments in the black sections of town, with only sparse furniture and bare mattresses on the floor in the bedrooms.
There was typically a twenty-something white girl in dingy clothes on welfare, with two or three half-black babies.

Those girls would usually be fending for themselves while their black boyfriends or husbands are running around with their buddies.
Those situations would seem horrific to most white men, but not me.
In my perverted mind, I imagined Lori in those situations and my cock would be hard as a rock.

I used to fuck her senseless when imagining her to be barefoot and pregnant with a black baby, living in a dirty shack in the black part of town.
I got to meet a lot of different people as I went about my job and interfaced with the community.

That includes Mike, the manager of a neighborhood restaurant that I frequented for lunch in Aurora.
I had been working in that area for almost two years by then and Mike and I had become good friends.

Many of the employees from the nearby Shopmart also frequent his restaurant, and he knew that Lori works the evening shift there.
One day when I was in there for a late lunch and the restaurant was pretty much empty, he came over to my table to talk.

He said, Howard, I heard a rumor from a couple of the Shopmart employees that you need to know about.
I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you, but they said that the rumor at work is that one of the evening floor associates, named Lori, has been sucking off a middle aged, black assistant manager in the layaway loft.

Another rumor is that she is has been spending time in the sleeper cabs with some of the older, black drivers after her shifts, and before they leave on their return trips.
According to tranny effect cams them, that has been going on for several months now.

Part of me was excited that her infidelity might be true, but in my gut, I didn’t think it was possible.
Although, it was a strange coincidence that Lori’s shift is over at : pm, and she sometimes doesn’t get home until : am.
I also know that she’s very enthusiastic at sucking my cock.

That also brought back to mind those rumors of her sucking cocks in high school.
I didn’t believe Mike but decided that I needed to pay more attention to Lori when she comes home so late.

I wanted to save face with Mike and said, Thanks for telling me, but there’s no way that my Lori would do something like that.
That store is so big that there’s probably another woman named Lori working there.

Mike got up and patted me on the back as he walked away, as if to show sympathy for me having a slut wife who was sucking and probably fucking black men at work.
That caused me, just for an instant, to feel the humiliation from someone knowing that I’m a cuckold to blacks, even though neither one of us knew for sure that it was happening.

And heaven help me, I was happy when images of Lori doing those things flashed through my perverted mind.
My only reservation was that we were trying to get her pregnant with our first child, and she was no longer on birth control.

I didn’t tell Lori about hearing the rumors, and I started making sure that I was up when she came home after work.
I started kissing her when she came in the door and noticed that on average three nights a week she tasted like mouth wash.

I had to wonder if she was covering up the taste of those black cocks and cum.
I also tried to get her to go to bed with me and have sex before taking her shower.
Some nights she refused to let me suck or fuck her pussy until after her shower.

Other nights she would be in more receptive moods, and I noticed that her pussy juice had varying degrees of wetness, thickness, and taste on different nights.
I still didn’t want to challenge her on it and was enjoying the fantasy that she might already be having sex with black men.

Not too long after I heard the rumors about Lori sucking cock at Shopmart, I had a bad experience with a customer that changed everything.
I had been only partially successful for four months at collecting from a black customer, named Randy, who for some reason most people call Bud.

He had been a customer for a year and sometimes he’d pay part of his bill, and other times I got nothing.
He was thirty-eight years old and had a bit of a reputation as a sneak thief, wannabe pimp, and small-time drug dealer.

He’s about six feet tall, very muscular and lean, and is ruggedly handsome with long dreadlocks.
I heard from others in the complex that he was fucking many of the young white women in the projects and was pimping some of them out to his friends.
It was also rumored that he had fathered at least two mixed race children.
My last visit with him didn’t go too well, and I wound up having to repossess his television and couch.

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