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How’s my favourite campaign manager?” “Busy busy.
You know how it is shooting fish in this bottomless barrel.
” He pointed his finger and mimed cocking his thumb as trigger release, then brought the fingertip to his lips and blew across it.
“You?” “Good.
Yeah, good.
Well, not so good.

Might have a problem with the campaign.
” Eddie rotated his palms forward by his side.
Sean thought for a fleeting moment his friend was going to drone, “Ayyyy” like The Fonz.
Instead he said, “That’s why you pay top dollar for the best.
” He plonked himself down in his chair.

It bounced under his weight.
“Shoot, Amigo.
” Sean thumbed the manila envelope he’d been carrying, suddenly nervous.
He steeled himself, had to trust Eddie to get him out of this, and tossed the entire thing to the desk.
It landed with a thump and spun to the lip.

“Was gonna show you these last night but figured you’d be… out.
” Eddie grinned as he unfolded the flap and tipped.
“What can I say? The ladies like a particular piece of me.
” The contents spilled onto the desk.
High-gloss color photos.

Lots of them.
Eddie rifled through them, eyebrows arching, partial concern, partial amusement.
Especially like this one.
” He flipped it round, depicting Sean leaning back against Heather’s car, hand on the back of her head as she engulfed his cock wearing just her heels.

“Really shows off your baby blues.
” He carried on, sucked in breath.
“Ohhh, she takes it like that too? Dirty bitch.
Loan her to me would ya?” Sean growled.
“It’s not a peep show, Eddie.
” “Hehehe.
You didn’t say that when we were boning that Estonian waitress.

Or Latvian? I forget.
” He paused in thought.
“Remember high-fiving over her back as we spit-roasted the shit out of her? Fucking animal she was.
All kinds of filthy.
” Sean said nothing as Eddie continued to shuffle through the shots until he reached the end, letting out a whistle.

“This it?” Sean nodded.
“Not much of a problem.
” Sean’s spirits lifted.
“It isn’t?” “No.
It’s a big fucking problem.
A giant, whale-dicked, fuck-sandwich of a problem.

What the fuck were you thinking, you sexy brazilian shemales cams moron?” “I don’t… Jesus, I don’t fucking know.
” Sean wasn’t used to being reprimanded and added in a smaller voice, “I wasn’t thinking.
” “Damn right you weren’t.

Your dick was thinking, your head wasn’t nowhere to be seen.
Fuck!” He tossed the photos onto the desk.
“Who took ’em?” Sean shrugged.
“You don’t know? No note? No demands?” Sean shook his head.

” “Makes no sense.
” “Heather got a note with her set.
Two sets, hottest shemales in webcam porn actually.
First had some shit about needing to do the right thing to avoid the shots appearing on the news.
” “Anything else?” Sean paused.

“Yeah, it was signed ‘One of your biggest fans’.
” Eddie nodded.
“Not much to go on.
Second set?” “More of the same.
Note said instructions would follow today at ten.

” “As in-” Eddie checked his glinting wristwatch, “-about an hour from now?” “Yeah.
What the fuck am I gonna do? What can we do?” “Depends.
Time’s tight.
Who else knows?” “Just you, me and Heather, far as I know.

” “Bob?” “Don’t think so.
” “Keep it that way.
Make sure your stupid slut muffin knows to keep it zipped, no matter what.
” “Understood.
I’ll text her later.

” “Do it now.
” Sean faltered, then obediently fished for his phone, tapped out a text to Heather and sent it.
He watched Eddie idly spinning to and fro in his swivel chair, fingers steepled, deep in thought until he leaned forward.
“Possible suspects?” Sean shrugged again.

“Could be anyone.
Husband or daddy of an ex who wants a fast buck.
Political smear campaign from a disgruntled voter.
Fucked if I know.
” Eddie gave a wry smile.

“A long list then.
” “Yeah,” Sean exhaled hard.
“Loooong list.
” “I might know a guy who can help narrow it down.
” “You do?

” “External help ain’t cheap, though.
Specially at short notice.
” Sean sighed.
“How did I know you were gonna say that.
What’s it gonna take?” Eddie shrugged.
“One guy to find out, one to clean up, minimum.

” Sean rolled his eyes.
“As if my operating expenses weren’t skyrocketing already.
” He blew out a breath.
Clean up?” His friend delivered a lopsided grin.

“Best you don’t know.
Plausible deniability.
The guy I’m thinking of is good with a shovel.
” Sean winced.

” He pursed his lips.
“Whatever it takes.
” oo Heather sat at her kitchen table, fretting over yoghurt and fruit.
She’d been unable to eat before her meeting with Sean.
Now her pussy and jaw ached where he’d been.

Could almost still feel his tongue probing and lapping before he took her over his desk.
She forced a mouthful down.
Had less than an hour to try and get some fuel in her adrenaline-charged body and make it to the office to intercept the next envelope before Trish found it.

Her phone buzzed on the table, doing a little twirling dance before coming to rest.
She snatched it up and read the message.
Sean, of course: Don’t fucking tell anyone.
Not even Bob.
Fast Eddie’s on it.

Her future in the hands of a slimeball lawyer with the moral compass of driftwood.
How could she keep this from Bob? He was her anchor.
So understanding.

Sure, they had an open relationship, but it was built on christina model web cam trust.
Trust that they’d tell each other with whom they had sex, so they could relive the experience together, hot and hard until they collapsed, perspiring and entangled and spent.

She took a sip of lukewarm coffee, pondering, mind whirling, reminiscing.
It hadn’t always been that way with Bob, but she’d learned how to fuck from an early age after babysitting his kids for years.
Shortly after she and Trish broke up, Bob took her under his considerably skilled wing.

Pampering her, making her feel special.
Showering her with gifts, telling her how beautiful she was.
The kind of special she couldn’t get anywhere else.
And she’d loved the attention, especially from a dashing man fifteen years her senior.

Even to an outsider such as Heather it was obvious he and Lisa’s marriage wasn’t going to last.
Bob assured her it wasn’t anything to do with Heather, and she believed him.
Seventeen’s an impressionable age.

It was only as the world grew less black and white in college that she realised she may have been the catalyst, the accelerant and the explosion that tore Bob and Lisa apart.
But by then it was too late.
The kids loved Heather, so stepping in to fill the void left by Lisa was relatively easy.

They were calling her mom in no time after she returned from study and moved in full time.
Heather never fathomed why Lisa never got custody or fought harder for it.
She had access rights, but that was it, and seemed vaguely comfortable with the sporadic nature of the arrangement.

She’d take the kids sometimes at weekends, which left Heather and Bob time to get to know one another better.
More intimately.
Heather sipped her coffee.
Poked at her yoghurt, forcing a few spoonfuls down.
It tasted bland and featureless, like her future.

She worried that Bob would go ballistic if he learned of her indiscretion with Sean from a third party.
Worse if the media broke the story, especially given there was very little love lost between the two men.
And Bob was helping finance her candidacy.
Was there any point standing now?

She’d effectively torpedoed her chances the moment she allowed Sean to seduce her at the party.
To dance, to whisk her off, to make out at The Point overlooking the waterfront, then to climb out of the car.
Why oh why did she climb out of the safety of the fucking car?

To be secretly photographed in all manner of compromising positions, culminating in her political rival taking her ass over the fender of her Audi.
Jesus! She shivered as she remembered the strength of his cock ploughing inside her.
How much she’d wanted it at the time.

To be owned by his power.
His unbridled masculinity.
The irony of course was that it had been Bob who had unleashed such inner desires.
Awakened her.
Unlocked the door to her cage and melted the key.
He’d started slow.

Lazy weekends without the kids, making her breakfast in bed, doting on her young body.
He was an attentive lover.
Took his time exploring her, lips mapping every curve of her sinewy form.

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