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The wooden paddle would be redundant since you chose the ping pong paddle, the quirt might be too severe for you, so that leaves the cane. ”
I ordered her onto the floor, and Christy quickly got down on her hands and knees, her cheek pressed to the carpet and her ass high in the air. I put My big, strong hand on the back of her neck, holding her in position as I picked up the ping pong paddle and began to spank her ass, exposed and vulnerable in its present upraised position.

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My slut delighted in the feeling of being under such control and as the blows increased in intensity, she began to moan and wiggle.

After a few swats, I stopped and pulling her roughly by the hair over to the couch, I stood her up and then forced her to kneel on the couch backwards. This not only gave Me good position for paddling her some more, but it also left her breasts free for My pleasure – a detail I was quick to take advantage of.

As she knelt on the cushions of the couch, I stretched her arms out to the sides, tying them to the arms at the ends of the couch. She pulled at them grinning broadly. I took the nipple clamps I had picked up from the coffee table and showed them to her.

“Open. ” I said, and she opened her mouth instantly. I put the middle of the chain that connected the clamps in her mouth and she closed it, holding the chain in her mouth. With her holding the clamps, I began to work on the nipples that would soon be in them.

I pinched and pulled and twisted the little nubs until they were stiff and swollen like little pencil erasers. Then I took the clamp from My slut’s mouth and attached one of the clamps to a waiting, eager nipple.

She moaned softly as the clamp tightened and I adjusted it until I detected the first slight whimper of discomfort. I knew then that it wasn’t coming off. I threaded the other end through the loop in her collar and repeated the procedure with her other nipple.

With both nipples now held firmly in the clamps I tugged lightly on the chain to make sure neither clamp would slip off prematurely. They held firm even as My slut arched her back in captive pleasure.
“Now we can continue, your punishment, slut. ” I said slapping her face.

I walked back around the couch and picked up the ping pong paddle again. But unlike before, this time I wasn’t just going to pink up her lovely ass! I rubbed her ass a bit before I laid into it.

I began spanking her on ass in earnest, playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples as I swatted her ass, firmly and powerfully. Then I paused for a moment as if to give her a rest.

Then, unexpectedly, I pulled her head back by the hair and delivered a flurry of the hardest blows yet with no respite between them. The pain built in her reddened ass until it was almost more than the pleasure, and then I stopped nice boobs webcam, stroking her bottom gently and running My fingers along her wet slit, rubbing one moistened fingertip around her swollen clit shemale webcam cum.

Christy was dying for Me to start spanking her again. The ropes that restrained her emphasized her sense of vulnerability and she yanked against them just to reaffirm her feeling of being totally at his mercy. I slapped her inner thighs to prompt her to spread her legs and then using My hand, I landed several blows directly over her pussy, making Christy shriek and moan. I altered the timing of My swats and slaps so she tightened and writhed, unable to anticipate when or how hard the next stroke would be.

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