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Everyone knew that.
“Don’t believe everything you read,” he told me.
At least he didn’t look amused anymore.
“It’s okay,” I told him, my tone a hint nastier.
“You’re not my type either.
I like nice men.

” His face got redder.
“Do you want to go over more paperwork?” “I think I’m done for the night.
” Then, something seemed to occur to him and that predatory, amused expression found a home on his face again.
“Next week? Same time and place?” “You want this to be a standing, weekly meeting?

You don’t even live here.
” “I have a jet.
Do you have an issue with that?” My frustration must have shown because he looked very pleased with himself.
“I’ll be here,” I told him.
I started gathering the paperwork.
He put a hand on mine.
“I didn’t ask you if you’d be here.

I asked you if you had an issue with a weekly meeting.
” I shook off his hand.
“Yes, I have an issue with it.
But, like I said, I’ll be here.
” “We might be able to work things out where we don’t have to meet in person so often.

” His voice was sly.
I crossed my arms again.
“What are you hinting at?” “Wear a dress next week.
” “Are you still on this?” “Wear a dress next week, and I’ll forgo the next meeting.
Wear a dress to every meeting and we’ll meet bi-monthly.

” I must have looked stunned; his smile was heated and not at all kind.
“But I have to be satisfied you dressed for me.
Your hair done.
Think of it like a date.

” “You seriously need to fuck off.
” “You don’t want to see me.
I want to see you dressed up.
I’m just proposing a compromise.
Otherwise, I’ll just have to enjoy you on a weekly basis in whatever potato sack you choose to wear.
” I leveled a look at him.

“You’re a businessman, right? Do I need to explain to you what sexual harassment is?” “No.
I have excellent lawyers I pay very well that explain it to me all the time.
” I finished packing up all of the paperwork and gave him a long, disapproving look.
“I’ll see you next week.

” Then, without another word, I left.
# Bette and I drank too much wine the following weekend and she told me all about Charles DeWitt.
He was a sweet guy, at one point, she said.
She met him when her parents and his parents were vacationing at the same resort when she was eighteen.

They dated off and on for two years.
He was the best lover she’d ever had–not that that sort of thing kept her from cheating.
She hadn’t given his threat for revenge a second thought at the wedding or much after the divorce.

“He’s trying to make you wear a dress to cam porn videos these meetings?” Bette asked.
And he has zero concept of personal space.
” “He wants to fuck you.
” “Just to get even with you.

He’s just still in revenge mode.
” But, after six weeks of me in pant-suits, he still hadn’t relaxed his pressure.

Oh, sure, he looked at the financial statements and the events calendar when I put them in front of him; however, far more of his time was spent asking personal questions and trying to invade my personal space.
It really was starting to wear thin.

In our seventh meeting, he said, “You’re single, aren’t you? No man would put up with you meeting me in the evening, like this.
” “Why? Because Charles DeWitt is so irresistible?” “Well.
” I rolled my eyes at him.
“Nobody’s worried about these meetings turning into something more.

” “Is that because your boyfriend doesn’t care or because he doesn’t exist?” His eyes strayed for the ten-thousandth time to my bare left hand.
“It’s because you’re dating supermodel Anna Krinski,” I told him.
“And we all know how faithfully in love you are with her.

” I took every chance I had to remind him of his sordid and completely public love life.
If he could torture me, I would needle him.
He clearly wasn’t amused.
His jaw set and a little vein in his temple pulsed.
He dismissed me curtly and without even undressing me with his eyes.

In our eighth meeting, he brought the subject up himself, msn cam girls which was a little odd.
“What do the headlines say about me this week?” he asked.
“That you and Anna broke up, but you’re comforting yourself with up-and-coming actress Tori Allenson.
What is she?

Twenty-two? Whatever do you talk about?” “Screenplay revisions.
” He gave a long, calculating look.
“How would you like your name to be next to mine in the tabloids?” I blinked at him a moment.
I would hate being in the headlines and I would hate it twice as much if it was connected to him.

I didn’t need to even say so; his look of grim satisfaction told me he could see as much.
“No?” he asked in a hard way.
“Then, next week, you’re going to wear a dress, like we discussed.
” “Fuck off.
” “No fucking of any sort is required.

” That predatory look came out again.
“What you do need to do is make yourself pretty for me.
If you don’t, the morning after, you’re going to find photographers on your doorstep and wild speculation about every part of your life in print.
” I stood.

“I get why you did what you did to Bette.
I don’t like it, but I do get it.
I will never understand why you feel the need to torture me, too.
All I’m trying to do is help seven people keep their jobs.
” He seemed to have a flash of something.

Misgiving? Conscience? I didn’t stay to find out; I just left.
It took me all week to find the courage to not wear a damn dress to the next meeting.
It was the definition of cutting off my nose despite my face.

Not only didn’t I want to be in the headlines webcam nude live linked to Charles DeWitt, but I was also sick and tired of looking frumpy.
I even dressed down on the day before and after our meeting in case he decided to stay in town and drop in on the bookstore.
But, when the next meeting happened, I showed up in one of my least attractive outfits: shapeless pants, a boxy jacket, and my hair in a neat ponytail.

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