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She looked around the room and said, And all of us make sure that the guarantor is turned over as promised.
or it is four against one when the truce breaks.
You break the truce, your little sister is your enemy’s for twenty-four hours.

She comes back to you alive and not permanently injured or permanently marked, but punished in whatever fashion the wronged gang decrees.
There was silence in the room for several minutes.
Then Rick said slowly, almost in a whisper, I swear by my sister.

Juanita answered him with, I swear by my sister.
Emmanuel said it in Spanish, but then added the English, I swear by my sister.
Morris took a deep breath and held it for what seemed like forever.
Then in a whooshing gust of breath, he said, I swear by my sister.
That left only Carlo.

He stared out at the others, but he wasn’t seeing them.
Instead, he was seeing the face of his little sister, Felicia.
He had kept her safe all of these years and even kept her out of the gang life.
She was almost eighteen.
almost a woman.

Could he san jose shemale escorts webcam risk her? Could he put her forth to be punished if one of the Knights broke the truce? She was smiling at him, her dark hair framing her olive-hued face.
He couldn’t bring himself to look into her innocent brown eyes.

A loud cough from one of the other leaders brought his mind back to the table and the issue at hand.
Four leaders looked at him in silence.
He opened his mouth four or five times, but nothing came out.
Then finally in a very tense, almost whisper, he said, I swear by my sister.

Prologue : The Truce is Broken The cops couldn’t figure out what had happened.
Suddenly there was a patch of the city with almost no daily violence.
The normal illicit activities continued and even flourished, but there was no gang on gang violence.

Evidently, Juanita had found a way to make the truce hold.
And the other gangs in the city weren’t quite ready to take on the five united gangs.
So it went for over a year.
Everything was smooth between the gangs.
Then came the tagging.

The symbol of the Knights was a large K with the lower leg of the K formed by a lightning bolt that extended above and below the K itself.
Often it would be enclosed in a diamond.

That symbol appeared throughout the Knights’ territory, and sometimes on their product, but it did not appear anywhere in the other four gangs’ territories.
until that night.

Someone in Knights’ colors was seen tagging a building on the corner of Willmont Avenue and north Thirtieth Street– nearly in the middle of North Thirty territory.
Whoever it was, ran very fast, but not fast enough for their face not to be seen briefly by several North Thirties.

Besides wearing the Knights’ colors, the tagger had the characteristic lightning bolt tattooed on their left cheek.
He was definitely a Knight.
The truce had been broken.
Somehow, after tagging the building, the tagger was able to run back to Knights’ territory.

At one point, the six Thirties chasing him almost caught up with him, but when they turned the corner, there was no one there except some sweet young thing carrying groceries home from the store.
If they hadn’t been otherwise engaged, they might have stopped for some action, but their minds were too set on catching this Knight who dared to tag an area in the heart of North Thirty territory.Read More »Live lesbian webcams

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“Bad news,” Josh announced, lifting up afterward best porn cam sites, “It still smells like an ashtray!” “Jesus, bro, what the fuck do you think we will have to do to get rid of that smell?” Marc asked, with a definite tone of playfulness in his voice.
“Do you think we should try cum?” Josh answered Marc, trying hard to suppress a laugh.

Then, looking down at me he said, “I’m afraid there’s more punishment on the way.
” Punishment…? I thought to myself, incredulously.
Marc now took a firm hold of my head and pulling it into his crotch I could clearly feel a stiff dick at the back of my neck.

Josh then aimed his now rigid knob at my mouth, which I allowed free entry.
As his hips stirred he placed his hands on Marc’s shoulders to anchor himself.
From the sounds above me, I was sure that the two of them were kissing.

After their bodies encased my head in a warm embrace, I reflected upon the fact that I never before been more stimulated in my life.
As Josh’s cock took complete control of my mouth I lowered my right hand and began to tug on my knob.

I have no idea how long their sensual dance surrounded me but never before, in my entire life, had I ever felt the level of contentment that their ‘punishment’ was ‘inflicting’ upon me.
I was in an instance like no other, and there was not another place in this world where I would rather have been at that moment.

Ecstasy, bliss, heaven, call it whatever you like.
This is exactly where I wanted to be.
After an age in paradise, Josh finally shot his load and the taste was fantastic.
Without the obligatory ashtray inspection afterward, I scouted Josh’s dick for any leftover residue.

Next, the guys swapped positions.
Marc now took control of my mouth and another era of pleasure followed as the guys continued their kissing and ashtray cleaning.
My first load was already on the shower floor and a next was soon to follow.

Although Josh had a bigger bladder than Marc, when Marc finally came he unquestioningly stamped his authority in the spunk department.
I had to swallow like crazy to imbibe the volume from his nuts.
As I stood up after our session the guys suggested that we have a swim.

This was done in the nude.
Upon returning to the change room thereafter, Marc fondled his dick as we were drying off.

After lifting his hand to his nostrils and with an impish grin he said, “Fuck, Josh, you would’ve thought that after our swim the ashtray smell would have washed off our knobs.
” After handling his own cock Josh also raised his hand to his nose, “Fuck, you’re right, bro; my dick still smells like an ashtray.

” “What do you think will get rid of this smell?” Marc asked, mischievously.
I stood looking at two pairs of eyes boring into me.Read More »Lesbian cam porn

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Enjoying the effect that this, Striptease is having on me My cock starting to stir As my black big shemales webcam heightened arousal, Starts getting very obvious.
Her nightie drops to the floor, Revealing her very voluptuous Sexy, curvaceous body Her very perky tits standing to attention Pussy glistening with her wetness, From her arousal.

Crawling ever so sexily onto the bed, Her breasts and nipples brush against My cock as she moves over me, Our lips meet as we kiss Ever so passionately, Tongues dancing.
Knees either side of my waist, Straddling my hard cock Slowly sitting as I enter Her love canal My hands find their, Way to her hips.

My tongue circles her areola, Nipples entering my mouth Nibbles, sucking hearing you moan Groping, kneading her breasts, My face buried in them.
Rolling her hips back and forth, Grinding herself into my crouch Moaning and groaning Rocking back and forth Sexual aroma filling the room Sweet dripping of our bodies.

Her head rocks back, Eyes rolling back into their sockets As you start to scream Not being able to control her body, Moaning in shear pleasure, In total orgasmic ecstasy, Not being able to take anymore, My cock begins to spasm Coating her love canal With my thick sticky cum, Leaking out around my shaft.
Collapsing onto the bed, In a heap spent from our lovemaking Her breasts pressed against my chest, Limbs and bodies getting intertwined Whispering sweet nothings Falling asleep in each other’s arms.

It was early January and Amy had just turned twenty-one.
She was a dainty little brunette with big blue eyes.
She was beautiful and perfect in every way except one.
She was still a virgin.

Since she was young, she had always promised herself she would not have sex until marriage but she could no longer control the urge, the desire to be penetrated.
One night, she decided this would be the night she would lose her virginity.

She texted just two words to her boyfriend Chris “I’m ready”.
He quickly got into his car and drove to her home, knowing what she meant.
He walked into her door and she met him on the other side.
He pressed his lips to hers and ran his fingers through her soft, brown hair.

She wrapped her arms around his strong, thick torso as he lifted her and carried her to her bedroom.
He gently laid her down and began kissing her neck as his hands tranny cam porn movie began to explore her body.

He began pulling up her shirt and felt the warm, smooth skin of her stomach.
He kissed her navel slowly working his way towards her chest.
Amy closed her eyes as her breathing began to slowly become faster.

Chris cupped his hands around her breasts and played with them after pulling off her bra.
He kissed her nipples and sucked them causing Amy to moan softly.Read More »Tranny cam porn movie

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Stetson! Roxanna grinned at him as she inhaled deeply against his chest.
I’ve held you in my arms before.
Haven’t I Roxanna? We danced together.
You remember!

Roxanna grinned.
Having finished their phone call, Caroline and Janet entered the garage.
Luckily, Dan and Roxanna heard the approaching footsteps of the girls, and broke their passionate tongue-kiss before the girls could see them.

Roxanna walked Dan, Caroline, and Janet down the driveway to Dan’s antique car.
Which car is yours? Roxanna laughed playfully.
Dan spun around and gazed into Roxanna’s eyes.
He was stunned.
That was you at that car show? In the hotel parking lot.

The beautiful lady who asked me which car is mine.
The lady who fell against my chest? That was you! Wasn’t it? You remember! Roxanna grinned.
My god! Dan exclaimed.
Just how many times have we met before? Roxanna struck her sexiest flapper pose and giggled, Boop-boop-a-doop!

You were the flapper! Dan gasped.
At the costume party! And you were the handsome man in the top hat! Roxanna smiled.
You remember! But you left the costume party with that Asian lady before we could meet and talk.
And dance together.
She was a huge mistake!

Dan lamented.
I should never have left the party with her! But I didn’t know then that you were…well, you! Three times you didn’t know that I was me, Dan! Roxanna laughed.
So it’s no accident that we’re dating?

Dan asked.
Face it, Dan.
It’s fate.
Destiny was determined to bring us together! It just took destiny four tries to actually make it happen.
And now we are together! Dan smiled, as he helped the two fourteen-year-old girls into his antique car.
Dan then climbed into the driver’s seat.

The thought of having finally found Roxanna filled Dan’s heart with such a deeply-contented glow now.
Roxanna small tit tranny webcams stood in her driveway.

She watched and waved, with a mixture of sadness at his leaving, and joy at the fun they had shared that day, as Dan, Caroline, and Janet drove off in Dan’s antique car.
After Dan got Janet safely back to her mother’s house and got Caroline and himself safely back to his own house, the first thing he did was call Roxanna.

To reassure her that everyone was home safe and sound now.
How would you like to go out with me again tomorrow night? Dan asked.
I’d love that, Dan, Roxanna replied enthusiastically.
Dan told Roxanna to meet him at his favorite Chinese restaurant at six o’clock on Saturday night.

And he gave her detailed directions to the restaurant.
This would be their first in-person (as opposed to over-the-telephone) date without their children.
Saturday night, Roxanna drove to the restaurant.
Dan was already waiting for her outside the door.

This restaurant was a little more elegant than your typical family restaurant.
But not so extravagant as to make Roxanna feel that Dan was trying to be flashy to impress her.
It was the kind of Chinese restaurant that Asians actually patronize, for a real taste of home.

Not an Americanized version of Asian food.
At the restaurant, Dan was pleased to discover that Roxanna enjoyed many of the same foods as he did.
This was just one more in an ever-growing list of what they have in common.

Dan ordered his favorite: scrambled eggs with shrimp, Roxanna ordered a vegetable plate with broccoli, snow peas, black mushrooms, and water chestnuts.Read More »Tranny anal webcams

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What a shower! We fell into the king sized bed with me in my customary spot between Rachel and Becky.
I put my arms around them, pulled them close, and fell asleep.
Chapter Once again, we hit the road early.
I- is nothing if not boring so it’s easy to let your mind wander.

When I started chuckling for no apparent reason Becky and Rachel looked at me as though I had lost it.
“I was just thinking back to our dinner the last night in Key West.
When you went to the ladies room some young guy approached me.

He noticed you two falling all over me and wanted to know what I did to deserve the two of you.
So, of course, I told him—NOTHING! He looked at me like I was crazy so I tried to explain how Rachel had seduced me and that you two always share everything, including me.

He went back to the bar shaking his head.
I could barely stop laughing before you returned to the table.
What a hoot! It was even better than those guys on the beach in Fort Lauderdale.
Remember them?

I guess I’d better get used to it because, if I have anything to say about it, we’re going to be together for a long, long time.
” Rachel leaned forward from the back seat and gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek.
Becky just placed her hand on my arm and smiled.

It sure is great being loved.
We drove through mile after mile of nothing but pine trees and more pine trees and, eventually, got home in late afternoon.
I helped unload the SUV and put my stuff in my Z.

I was getting ready to go home when Becky said, “Michael, for a smart man you can be such a slow learner.
Surely, you don’t think we’re just going to let you go home.
We have just experienced the world’s most boring ride.

We need some stimulation, don’t we, Rachel?” “I know I do, Mom, and, G, you have just what we need.
Right, Mom?” “Oh, yes, absolutely, definitely right!” They each grabbed an arm and led me inside.
We had barely made it into the living room before clothes started flying all over.

Becky slipped out of her panties, grabbed them and held them up to my face.
They were wet and we hadn’t even done anything.
“Maybe now you’ll understand what I need.
I’ve been dripping in anticipation for the last hour.
We’re ready; let’s get those clothes off of you.

” Quickly they stripped me and led me to the japanese sex cams bedroom.Read More »Tranny solo webcams porn

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The next moment she leaned forward (was an easy task thanks to all the exercises she did), grabbed the girl’s head with the one hand and taking the shoe in the other she pressed her face into it.
Kate felt her nose and mouth getting full of that awful smell.

She wanted fresh air and wanted it now, but the more she tried to escape from the grip the harder it got.
All she accomplished was running out of oxygen leaving her no other option but to take a breath again.

Once again she felt the salty smell in her mouth so strongly that tears ran into her eyes.
She stopped struggling hoping that this breath will hold on until Sandy removes the shoe.
Sandra watched Kate’s struggle with a big smile on her face.

When she saw the other girl’s eyes getting wet her heart started to pound.
She was in control, and she loved it.
Never before it had occurred to her that power feels this good, but she was sure that she got addicted to it this very moment.

She licked her upper lips and strengthened the grip a little more.
After the third breath she had taken from the smelly shoe, Kate was sure she couldn’t stand this any longer and she would pass out.

But her body was much stronger than that, although in this case she would have preferred losing her consciousness.
After the fifth all she could think was ‘Please let this be over with’.
After the seventh she started to notice that the smell was getting weaker.

‘Maybe I really got used to it’ she thought.
That moment Sandra let her go.
Kate coughed and spluttered trying to get rid of the taste in her mouth while she heard her tormenter laughing, “I think my therapy was a success.

It’s a shocking nude cam shows one, but it does miracles, right, Katy?” Kate didn’t answer.
She was just glad this ended.
“Now,” Sandra finally said, ‘let’s proceed with my massage.
’ She put her right foot in Kate’s hand again.

Kate removed the sock trying not to show any signs of disgust or else Sandy might even shove it up her mouth then she started rubbing the foot.Read More »Shemale massage surprise webcams

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” “Pete wasn’t a kid, he was twenty-five.
” Hearing the name of my ex, she scoffed.
“Bah, he was a kid in a man’s body.
” “But what a body he had! You know, I still miss his cock.

” “Shh, don’t use that kind of language; the kids are around.
” I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “Cock, cock, pussy, cock in pussy.
” She pushed me away and laughed.
“Get out of here, do something useful.
” “I’m taking a shower.

” Ann was a prude and had always been as far back as I can remember.
Sometimes I wondered how she even had children.
Ricardo must have had to work hard to get into her panties.
I, on the other hand, loved sex.

I lost my virginity webcam foot tease when I was sixteen with a boy three houses down.
We had known each other for years before it happened and, since we were good friends, the idea of having sex with each other was a given.

We had smoked our first cigarettes together and drank our first cider together as well.
The sex wasn’t a big deal, we figured, so one day we simply got naked in his room, I lay down on the bed and he got on top of me.

After a bit of fiddling around, his cock slid into me, and he humped as fast as he could.
I guess he had jerked off because he knew when to pull out and came on the sheets between my legs.
We never did it again, and never spoke about it either.
I think it was a bad experience for both of us.

Pete and I fucked a lot, and I loved him watching while I played with myself.
I would either sit in a chair or lie on the bed or the sofa and slide my fingers in and out of my cunt.

He wasn’t allowed to touch me before he had pre-cum oozing out of his cock, which usually took up to half an hour of watching.
Then the fucker met Sophie, and it all ended.
She was a cashier in the local supermarket and a blonde.
I am a brunette, with a slender body, and a B-cup.

My eyes are dark blue and the best part of my body is my ass.
I’m of average height and maybe a pound or two too heavy, but I’m okay with that.
I don’t want to be skinny.
In the shower, I made sure my landing strip of pubic hair was perfect and then shaved my legs.

When I was done I applied plenty of aftersun lotion and walked naked into my room.
I waited to dress until my skin was dry.
I wondered who the man at the pool had been, and if he would be back the following afternoon.
Maybe I should talk to him, find out who he was?

Suddenly, I remembered that he had been naked, but I hadn’t seen his cock.
He had turned around so his back was turned to me, and when he lay down I didn’t get a glimpse of it.

The following afternoon when I sat up on the wall I saw tranny many cams that the stranger was already there.
He was face down on the same sunbed as the previous day.Read More »Webcam foot tease

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If I could I think I would go around naked all the time, clothes are so annoying.
It had been hot today and a thin sheen of sweat covered my body.
I turned on my fan and lay back, stripping off my shirt and bra.
I shivered slightly as I felt the cool air hit my pussy full on.

I never wore underwear and so my lower half was bare and the fan was aimed right toward it.
A shudder went through my body and I figured since my dad wasn’t home I’d play a little bit.
My hand slowly slid down my body, caressing my breast and the already hardening nipple.

I let out a soft little moan and watched my hand continue down my body.
Soon, my small fingers were rubbing my clit and spreading my lower lips apart.
My index finger dipped into my entrance and then eased all the way in.
After a few minutes I had two fingers in and I was fucking myself hard.

Moans and gasps were being torn from my lips and I shudder slightly, oh daddy.
I blushed softly.
Since when had I started wanting my daddy to touch me? It didn’t really matter though.
tiny ladyboys webcam

Every girl has fantasies about her dad right? So, I decided to just go with it.
I began picturing my dad, all ’’’ of him.
He’s in shape and toned without being ridiculously ripped.
He’s always had thick, dark, brown hair that I’ve always just wanted to run my fingers through.

Before I know it I’m soaking the bed underneath me and screaming my orgasm, all while thinking of my dad.
As I’m coming down from cloud nine I hear something and look up.
There, standing in my doorway, is my dad.

His mouth is hanging open and his eyes are wide, and before I can say anything, he’s gone.
I rush to my door and slam it shut, clutching my thin sheet around me.
Was he watching the whole time or had he just seen the end?

I was in shock and to my utter embarrassment; the thought of my daddy watching me masturbate made me wet all over again.
It was a few hours later when my dad made an appearance.
I was making dinner when he tried to sneak down the stairs, Dad I’m making spaghetti for dinner.

I didn’t know what you’d want.
He simply nodded and we ate dinner.
The rest of the night was tense and neither of us really said anything to the other one.
We both went to bed early, me skipping clothing, and after some more freaking out I finally fell asleep.

I was in a sound sleep when something odd made me wake up.
My stomach had clenched like it does when I’m masturbating.
I opened my eyes and looked down.
To my horror, there was a head between my legs and someone was eating me out for all they were worth.

I pushed at the trespasser and heard an all too familiar voice.
Calm down baby girl.
You’re dreaming and daddy wants to make it a good dream.
At first I didn’t believe it, but why else would my daddy be doing what he was?

As I lay back and gave in, my legs instinctively spread and I heard a sound of approval.
Daddy’s tongue rubbed roughly against my clit and I let out a cry when he nipped it.
He slid down and slipped his tongue slowly into my pussy, eliciting another cry.

My hands tangled in his hair and my back arched off the bed as his tongue scraped and rubbed against my insides, pushing deeper every second.
My hips rocked by themselves and I tried forcing his head closer to my cunt as pleasure built inside me.

His thumb and finger pinched my clit and I was finished.Read More »Tiny ladyboys webcam

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It felt very erotic as my ass cheeks jiggled and swayed back into place.
Dave gasped when he saw my asshole and pussy exposed when he spread my ass, and he said, “Holy shit, Jen, your ass is more beautiful than when we dated.
I just love how firm it feels in my hands.

You should be very proud of the shape you’re in.
” I was anxious to feel his big cock.
As I started to get up and turn around, Dave pressed me back on the box and pulled my thong down my legs.
I was then totally exposed to his view.

I felt him stand up and heard him lower his zipper and drop his pants and underwear to the floor.
He leaned into me and I felt his thick cock pressing against my pussy.
Then I said, “Dave, I really wanted to see and suck your huge cock again.

I guess there will be time for that after you fuck me.
I just have to feel you inside of me.
Please fuck me but be gentle since I’ve never had a cock as big as yours.
” Dave was breathing heavily and began to press the big head of his cock into my tight pussy.

He finally got about four inches of that big fuck meat into me and said, “Oh shit Jen, you are so tight and wet.
I have dreamed about fucking you ever since we dated.
I can hardly believe that I am feeling your hot cunt gripping my cock.
I’ll be gentle until you get used to my size.

Then I’m going to fuck you hard and deep and live sex cam no sign up shoot my virile cock cream into your womb.
I sure hope you’re on birth control!” Dave began pushing into me slowly and I was taking a little more of his cock on each stroke.

He finally pushed gently up against my cervix when he was fully buried in me.
I felt his huge balls pressing against my ass and I was surprised that I could take all of him in me.
He held himself there for a minute to let me get adjusted to his size.

Then he slowly began stroking into and out of my inflamed pussy.
I was having constant orgasms due to the tightness of his cock in me.Read More »Live sex cam no sign up

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His finger started rubbing my G-spot, it felt so good to me.
Faster and faster his finger moved in me.
My G-spot was being attacked by two of his fingers now.
I was feeling a new sensation the faster he rubbed me inside.

I suddenly felt a new feeling like I never had before and fluids squirt out of me and onto Deshawn’s fingers and arm.
At first I thought I had peed but it wasn’t like peeing, the sensations were phenomenal.
Deshawn laughed when he asked, “You like squirting? Your bed is now soaking wet.

” “Stop laughing and stick that big cock of yours in me,” I yelled at him.
“I want to fuck, right now.
” Deshawn looked scared as he grabbed his cock and aimed it at my pussy.
“Dammit, shove it in.
I need to be fucked hard right now.

” He frantically pushed his cock between my pussy lips and then rammed it home.
My ass went into overdrive as I fucked his cock back.
It wasn’t long and my orgasm rocked my body.
I clung to Deshawn, he held me until I came down from my high.
I laid back and he fucked me until he came.

He was pretty much out of cum, but the cock throbbing was fantastic.
Deshawn pulled his cock out me for the last time that night.
We had fucked at least three times and he was out of cum.
My pussy was in need of a rest also.
Deshawn dressed.

“Goodnight Deshawn.
I need the next three days to recuperate from the best fucking I have ever had.
These last four days have changed my life forever.
I hope to be calling you this weekend with a positive answer in regards to Tasia.
You and I, I don’t know how that will go.

If he is really hot for Tasia, I’ll use that and say I’m really hot for your black cock also.
He’ll have to agree then.
” Deshawn and I kissed for a few minutes before he opened the door.
“If he agrees to you and I, fuck his brains out.

If he doesn’t agree, don’t fuck his brains out and tell him it’s a no go with Tasia.
He’ll get the message and agree.
He probably thinks your fucking around on him already.
I’d bet a thousand he has had some pussy in some port this last cruise.

Goodnight, I’ll be expecting your call one way or the other.
” He put his arm around me and then he slapped my ass a good whack.
That hurt, but I like it.
Get out of here sexy before I change my mind and need another fuck.
” Deshawn smiled as he closed the door.

I went into my bedroom and stripped the sheets and the wet mattress pad.
I washed the mattress pad and then the sheets.
When the pad was dry, I put it back on the mattress.
I took out new sheets and made the bed.
I Febreezed the whole house.

With all the fucking that has gone on here the last four days, there had to be some odor.
I read a few chapters of my book before I became tired.
I put the book away, stripped naked and crawled into bed.
Two more days of school before I had Thursday off, but I had to work on Friday.

The weekend was free, and I would probably spend a lot of time in bed with Ted.
I’ve changed and I’m sure he will notice.
I’ll miss Deshawn’s cock, but Ted’s is pretty nice also.
I exited the train at my station.
I was excited; tomorrow Ted would be home.

He texted me today, as soon as he had cell phone reception.
The boat would dock during the night Wednesday, and he would be on shore around : AM.
He wanted me to meet him at the boat.
He texted, ‘He had exciting news for me’.

Thursday morning I was up at : webcam girl dildo AM.Read More »Coed cam