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She was totally lubricating my cock.
She slowly began to lower her body towards the foot of the bed while raining light kisses in the trail she was making.
I watched as her small hand grasped the base of my cock leaving a large gap where she couldn’t fully wrap around it.

The head rubbed against her forehead.
I watched as her tongue snaked out and bathed the underside of my cock.
The feeling was incredible.
Little by little she continued to slather her saliva until it was fully coated.
She opened her mouth to draw my cock in and the mushroom barely fit.

I felt her tongue rubbing just under the head.
I couldn’t remember when the last time it felt this good.
Her small hand began to stroke up and down my cock as she circled the cock head with her tongue.
At this rate I was going to flood her throat with my seed.

I had other intentions for this nymph.
I pulled her off my cock.
There was a look of anger for taking her away from her task and wonder as to why I would take her away from something she knew I was finding great pleasure in.
I lifted her onto my face.

I wanted to be sure that her pussy was well lubricated for what was to occur.
Her weight was that of a feather as I held her high above me.
Her thighs were soaked with the juices gushing out of her pussy.
I could see her pink slit flexing with need.
I moved her down above my rigid cock.

My cock was eight inches long and quite thick.
She would have a difficult time getting it deep inside.
I lowered her body until the mushroom cap came in contact with her hole.
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She reached down between our bodies and spread her sex lips.

Looking in my eyes she simply said, “I’m ready!” Her wet hole came into contact with the head of my cock.
She rubbed the head back and forth in her slit until it found the opening.
As it aligned I dropped her an inch down.

My cock head popped inside and she threw her head back and gave out a low guttural growl.
Her hips began to move.
I could feel her pussy clamping and releasing its muscles.
I dropped her another two inches.
Her breathing had become very labored.

I raised her up and almost slipped my cock out before dropping her down again even further.
I had about five inches of cock inside of her.

Her head was starting to roll around with a constant mantra, “Jon yes…yes…FUCK YES!” After giving her a moment to get accustomed to being so spread wide around my cock, I began lifting and dropping her on my cock.
She was like a small flying nymph above me.

I released my grip on her and she became impaled on my cock.
Her head shot back and she let out a scream.
Her body began to violently convulse.
My cock entered deep in her cervix – claiming it as its own.
Her cunt was spasming around my cock.

I lifted her and watched how her pussy lips would lewdly grasp and possessively hold onto my cock.
I would raise and then drop her weight down on my thrusting pelvis.
She was a small doll being ravished.
Each time my thrust would bottom out a scream would escape her throat.

Her spasms continued as she endured a continuous orgasm.
Swinging my legs off the side of the bed, I lifted her in the air while ensuring we still remained sexy shemale cams porn tube connected.
Holding her in the air I began pounding her in earnest.

I began to feel my balls tighten and cock fill even more with arousal.
I was to feed her cervix with my seed.
Rope after rope of semen exploded inside of her until it began gushing out onto the floor.
She wrapped her small legs onto my waist and held my cock inside of her.

Still limp with exhaustion I could feel her almost purring with contentment.
I held her against me until my cock softened enough to finally slip out with a loud “plop”.
Lots of semen then gushed immediately out onto the floor.

Releasing her she dropped onto her knees and took my cock into her mouth.
Her tongue scrapping our fluids off my cock.
She stood on wobbly legs and began walking to the bathroom door.
As she got to the opening she glanced over her shoulder and said, “Jon, you might want to get some lube.

My ass needs to be taken too!” Tom stretched his arms, yawning as he woke up Sunday morning.
He slept better than he had in quite a while as he remembered watching the step-siblings sex show the night before.
He pulled the sheets down exposing his usual morning hard-on.

He seemed to be harder and more aroused remembering the events from last night.
He reached down and caressed his hardness, slowly running his hand up and down his hard shaft as he pictured scenes from the night before.

He looked towards the window, but in the sunlight couldn’t see inside Liz’s upstairs window.
“Probably for the best,” he thought as he continued to casually stroke himself, then gave a final squeeze before getting out of bed.

He stretched again three girls webcam beside the bed, then walked to the bathroom and relieved himself.
He always loved this time in the morning.
Living alone and being self-employed, he could walk around his house unencumbered with clothes or rush to get anywhere.

He casually stroked himself as he walked out of his bathroom.
He thought of Liz again, his cock flexing from the thought as he walked up to his window.
He wondered if his view would be better than it was from his bed.
Like metal to a magnet, the window attracted him over to look out again.

He looked up to Liz’s window and his cock flexed from what he saw.
Liz, still naked from the night before, was lying on her bed facing him.
Tom admired her beautiful breasts on display as the sheet only covered the bottom half of her body.
“Oooooh, Liz,” he moaned out as he started to stroke his hard cock at the sight.
He stopped a moment later, shaking his head and smiling.

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