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Anthony’s head snapped up.
Startled, his heart beat doubled, as his beautiful Mistress closed the distance to his desk.
Just the mere sight of her made his cock harden painfully, but to be truthful, his cock had been hard all day.

The silk of the pink panties made his every movement agony by caressing and tickling his shaft.
Now, fully hard, he could feel the elastic band cutting into his flesh, as the thick mushroom head peeked out the top.
Nicole watched him squirm and wiggle.
He looked like his ass was on fire.

Frowning, she stared directly at him.
What the hell is wrong with you? Sit still, she snapped.
I’m sorry, Miss.
It’s just that these panties are uncomfortable, he admitted.
So…you did wear them.

I’m glad you did as you were told, but I am displeased with how you treated that woman back there, she admonished.
Who? Oh, you mean Nomi? She was late with her paperwork and…, he began.
How late? Nicole interrupted.

It was due at five, Anthony answered.
Five, huh? AM or PM? she persisted.
PM, he admitted.
It’s what…: now?

Don’t you think you were a bit harsh? Nicole said, angrily.
Anthony opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off when she held her hand up.
I don’t want to hear your lame ass excuses.
You were a bad boy and need punishing, she said, Now…get up and drop your pants.

Anthony’s shaft got harder, if possible, as he rose from his seat.
As his pants pooled around his ankles, he dared to look up at her.
He could only imagine how he looked, standing there in those silky panties; half of his cock was escaping from the top and his sac spilling out of the crotch.

He watched her reach into her purse and pull out something flesh colored.
Pre cum oozed from his slit, as she walked behind him and sat in his chair.
She eased the panties down to the middle of his thighs.
Lie on your desk, and then reach around and pull your ass cheeks open.
Wide, she said.

From her view point behind him, she could see his tight, brown sphincter.
His body was trembling, as she pulled his cock down, wedging it against the desk.
A large drop of pearly fluid hung from the tip a moment before falling to the floor.

Nicole blew a puff of air across his rosebud, making it wink at her.
Wider, Anthony! she demanded, when his grip slackened.
Using her fingers, she smeared the pre com drooling from his dick all over his purple glans.

Once it was shiny with his fluids, Nicole pulled his foreskin up and over the plum.
She stimulated only the head, just by using his foreskin.
Goose bumps formed along his spine, causing him to shiver.

Lost in this sweet torture, Anthony nearly exploded when he felt her warm, wet tongue probe his ass.
Ughhhh, he moaned.
Her tongue pushed deeper; relaxing his hole.
He gripped his desk, surprised that he hadn’t splintered the wood.

His cock leaked; saturating her hand and making it slipperier.
Nicole tongue fucked his ass, until he was nice and relaxed; close to cumming.
Then, pulling her tongue free, she eased the tip of a large butt plug into Anthony’s loosened anus.

The wrinkles surrounding his ass hole began to smooth out, as the toy disappeared into his gut.
Once the flared end of the plug cleared, his hole snapped closed.
Your greedy asshole just swallowed my toy whole.
Wanna see? she asked.
Yes…please, he moaned.

He had often tried to take pictures of his ass when he played alone, but they always turned out blurry and horrible.
Anthony stayed as still as he could, as she snapped the photo with her phone.
A few seconds later, he phone alerted him about a text message.

Nicole eased the pink panties back up; pulling them snug against the toy.
Helping him stand back up, she watched in amusement, as he tried to reach his pants without pushing the toy out.
Taking pity on him, she pulled them up enough for him to fasten them.
Ready for dinner? she asked.

Uh…yeah, he answered, unable to focus on anything, but the incredible pressure blossoming in his ass.
Well, c’mon, she said, slapping his ass.
Anthony groaned.
The simple slap nudged the tip of the butt plug against his prostate.

Just the normal act of walking had the toy massaging every sensitive spot he had.
His rock hard cock was oozing large globs of juice, and he knew the entire front of his pants would be soaked by the time they made it to the restaurant.
The ride was exquisite hell.

It seemed to him that Nicole chose the bumpiest roads.
He wanted to cum so badly, and a few times, almost did.
As they walked up the path to the door, he hoped that no one would notice the tent in his pants.

The flimsy silk was not strong enough to hold his cock in place, so with each awkward step, it bounced.
He followed her through the crowded dining room, waiting patiently as she stopped to talk to different people.

Anthony kept his eyes forward, as he knew everyone was aware of his aroused state.
The huge wet spot surrounding the tent was plainly obvious, but despite the fact that he was embarrassed, his cock remained hard as iron and all he wanted to do was blow his load.

Once they were seated in the private dining room and behind closed doors, she turned to him and asked, Excited? Yes, Miss.
Very much so, he agreed.
I’ve noticed something about you.

You act like a complete dick to women, especially those you are attracted to, she said, idly playing with the silverware.
He sat, silently.
Take Nomi…blonde, tall, beautiful…not to mention stacked.
You were a fuck wad to her, but truthfully, you wanna fuck her, don’t you? Nicole asked.

NO! I would never do that to you, Mistress! he said, alarmed.
You are such a liar! she laughed, If you don’t want to fuck her, then what do you want? Well…I want…uh…, he stuttered.

Jesus Anthony, if we’re gonna have this type of relationship, then you need to be honest with me, Nicole sighed.
Okay…I don’t want to fuck her.
I want her to fuck me, he admitted.
Thought so, she smiled, enigmatically.
About that time, Nomi walked through the doors.

She had been excited about this assignment, until she saw who was sitting there.
She just could not get a break.
Normally, when one works the private dining room, the tips were awesome.
It was just her fucking luck that Mr.
Motherfucking asshole was her assignment.

They locked eyes; her guarded and his wide.
Hi Nomi.
I am so glad that you’re our server tonight.
It’s sure to be a night to remember, laughed Nicole.
She motioned for the woman to come closer.
Now Anthony, where’s your manners?

You’re supposed to stand when a lady approaches the table, Nicole scolded.
He live chat sex cam hesitated, sighed, and then stood up.
Staring at the wall behind Nomi, he heard her gasp.

Knowing that she had seen the large wet spot surrounding his rock hard cock, his face flushed red.
Sit down, Nomi.
He’s quite docile, Nicole urged.
Nomi dropped into the vacant seat; her mind swirling.
Something was amiss here.
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

She listened to the stunning brunette order a salad, with a large, thick cucumber on the side.
Nomi stared blankly.
Had she heard right? Did they want the cucumber whole…not cut up? She glanced at her former boss, still standing, and noticed that his tent was bobbing.

When you return, please stay? I’ve informed your boss that we wish to have you as our only server, Nicole grinned, mischievously.
Nomi nodded, and then went to order their food.
When she returns, you will apologize for your rudeness and give her another chance.

Just because a report is thirty seconds late is no excuse for firing someone, Nicole told him.
But…, Anthony fumed.
No buts! All you were doing was showing how big you thought your dick was. transsexual cum webcams

Be a real man! she snapped.
I’ll apologize, but I won’t rehire her.
NO, he growled.
Nicole just looked at him; disapproval plainly visible on her lovely face.
Anthony felt his armor crack.

He knew that he would end up doing exactly what she wanted in the long run.
Fine…I’ll do it, he grumbled, shoulders slumped.
Thank you.
It really means a lot to me, she smiled, Now…take those pants off and put this on.
Anthony stared that the garter belt and hose in her hands.

With shaking hands, he took the lingerie from pretty girl webcam her, and then looked at her; confused.

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