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“Shh,” Sir hushed me softly, holding the silicon in place before letting it sink the rest of the way in, the deep indentation before the flared base holding it on place.
He let go of me, giving me a moment to adjust to the wonderful invasion.
Sir stood and walked towards the bed.

I kept my head down, waiting excitedly for what was going to come next.
I heard his soft footsteps come back towards me; then a hard, loud crack rippled off my ass as he smacked me with the crop.

I yelped behind the gag and straightened my posture, palms on the floor, back straight, chin up facing forward.
The movement made my clamped nipples ache.
I held myself as still as possible, not letting my posture sink as my Sir stayed silent for a few moments, inspecting me.

“You’re so beautiful; Such a good girl.
” He began caressing me with the wide leather head of the crop, across my shoulders, down my back, over my ass.
“Now, I got something for you today.
Don’t move, I’ll get it.
And then we’re going to play a game.

” He went behind me, and I heard the rustling of a plastic bag.
Then he came and knelt directly in front of me and showed me my gift.
A beautiful, black leather leash was coiled in his hand.
He smiled at the look of excitement on my face.
I’d always wanted him to collar and leash me!

Sir hooked the leash to my collar’s D ring and kissed my forehead before standing.
I looked up at him.
“Our game.
I’m going to lead you around the room.
If you don’t move fast enough, I’m going to beat your ass.
If you start whining, I’ll beat your ass.

And when I’m done with you, I’m going to make you come.
I’m going to fuck you senseless.
” Then he started walking slowly, the leash not quite taut as I crawled alongside him.
The plug in me seemed to grow with my movement, pulse.
I had to clench while moving, not letting it escape me.

We circled the room slowly once, twice, three times, increasing speed each time.
I kept up okay, until the fourth circuit.
My knees were starting to ache, my pace slowing while he increased.

A light jerk came to my neck, and he stopped, the crop instantly coming down hard and fast on my ass, over and over until my muffled whimpers were heard by Sir.
He looked down at me, and I looked up at him, my eyes starting to water.
My ass felt hot, like it was glowing.

“Is it getting hard, baby?” I nodded my head slightly, averting my eyes and feeling ashamed for not being able to go longer.
He touched my cheek gently with the end of the crop.
“It’s okay, baby.
Listen, two more times around.
Fast as you can.

I’m going to stand in the middle and watch.
You slow down too much, I’ll whip you again, harder and longer.
When you go around twice, come sit in front of me.
Understand?” I looked up again and nodded, smiling as much as one can with a ball gag in.

Sir took the leash and ran it over my shoulder and down the middle of my back, making sure it rested between my cheeks.
“Go,” he said with a light tap on my ass.
I took off, moving as fast as I could around the edge of the room.

My knees were raw with carpet burn, becoming more and more tender with every lift and fall of my knees.
I fought hard not to slow, and made my two rounds, then immediately went to him, nuzzling his big tit shemale webcam porn beautiful, bare feet with my mouth the best that I could.

“Very good,” Sir said.
I looked up at his smiling face, so happy to see he was pleased.
“Stand up.
” He offered me his hands, and I got up slowly, the plug shifting.
He unhooked the leash and tossed it onto a chair.
“Go to the bed, get on your elbows and knees.

” I followed orders, settling onto the mattress with spread legs, my forehead on a pillow that Sir offered me.
I could hear him undo his belt, the soft rustling of clothes being stripped off.
His hands ran over my backside, up my back, down my thighs.

Then his fingers crept passed the plug, pressing and wiggling it inside me, eliciting moans.
They continued to travel, spreading my labia, feeling the extreme moisture.
He murmured about how wet I was as he explored, and then he found my clit.

Taking it between his fingers, he began playing with it, squeezing and caressing, causing my hips to jerk uncontrollably.
My hands clenched in the pillow, I was screaming behind my gag and he drug me to the edge and threw me over, rubbing relentlessly as I came for him.

Nothing existed but my sex, wetness dripping from me, onto his hand.
Sir slowed, but did not stop, while my climax slowed, ended.
“Was that good, baby?”I nodded my head, still spinning from the orgasm.
“Are you ready for more?” I shook my head.

I didn’t think I could take another orgasm like that! “Too bad,” he said, his face, I’m sure, smeared with a wicked grin.
He began working my clit again, this time pushed up against me so I could feel the soft skin of his hard cock brush against the back of my thigh.

I started to sweat, my hips rolling with the rhythm of his fingers.
I was so tender, sensitive, and wet, it only took a few moments for him to make me shatter again.
My throat was raw, my toes curled and body clenched.
Sir did not wait for me to catch my breath.

He grabbed his cock and ran it all over the slick wet of my pussy, pushing the swollen head in slowly, the pressure inside of me doubling.
The sensation was so new!

His thick cock strained to enter me, moans escaping him, his fingers gripping my hips as he gave a final thrust and he was deep, stretching me over the base of him. private webcam tube
He gripped me close to him for just a moment, breathing harshly.

He started to rock in and out of me slowly, the extra pressure as good for him as it was for me.
I felt like I would burst.
I felt like I was my Master’s beautiful whore.
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Like I was going to come again.

Like I was floating.
Like I was no longer human.
“Oh, baby‚Ķ It won’t take me long.
You feel so fucking good!” He was going at a steady pace, and I was right on edge again.
Sir slowed for a minute and reached around me, finding my nipple clamps.
He tugged on them, making me yelp.

He’d made me feel so good I had forgotten my nipples, but he reminded me with a few more painful tugs before he unclamped them.
The blood rush to my nipples was unbearable, and I screamed.

He immediately set back to fucking me, thrusting harder and harder, making me come one final time, a long, hard orgasm, prolonged by the incredible sensation of my Sir coming deep in me.
I loved the feel of him jerking within me! He called my name, his nails on the verge of piercing my skin.

He stayed inside of me until he softened and slipped out.
He collapsed next to me on the bed, and I rolled onto my side, desperately gasping for breath.
Saliva was all over my face and pillow, and my body was shaking.

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