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And when Melody spread her cheeks to help me zero in, I couldn’t help aggressively sucking and tongue-fucking her hole.
The taste and aroma in that confined space is so fucking arousing.

” Teri laughed and said, “Okay, sweetie, that’s fine with me, because it does feel awfully good having my ass sucked.
I also like the feeling of having you pinned under me, and at my mercy that way.

” Then Bob chimed in, in his usual crude way, saying, “You’re going to be sucking some gnarly man ass too, and not just these beautiful women.
So, get ready for that cocksucker, the next time you clean my cock.

” We were taking a short break after that, and Linda went out to the kitchen to get us some more wine and refreshments.
I figured, based on John’s performance that weekend at the cabin, that he would be good for about six ejaculations, as we paced ourselves over the night and morning, and seeing how horny Bob was, I thought he’d be good for that many too.

So, it made sense to take little breaks between fucks.
Bob fucked Linda next, while John fucked Teri, as Melody rode my face to two orgasms.
She even had pity on me and sucked my cock, but then spit my cum into my mouth after I ejaculated.

I loved sucking her pussy and ass, since it’s so full and heavy.
Not fat at all, but just enough ass flesh to completely envelope my face.
After Bob and John ejaculated, I cleaned Linda and Teri, before sucking John and Bob clean.

Bob did as he promised, and when I was under him sucking his balls, he slid forward and fed me his ass.
His ass is hairy and aromatic, but I still enjoyed sucking him that way.
Those were the first two of six rounds of fucking, and I was busy cleaning up everyone.

I also got the opportunity to suck Linda and Melody’s tits.
I spent most of my time, when I wasn’t cleaning someone, under Linda sucking her pussy.
She really enjoys having me eat her out, and I love how she smothers me with her extra wetness and big vulva.

Bob and Melody slept over with us, for the three hours of sleep we got.
The fucking and sucking started again in the morning, after Linda and Teri fixed us a delicious brunch.

The men were drained and couldn’t cum every time, but that didn’t stop them from fucking the wives and sucking their tits.
The neighbors left in mid-afternoon, and John, Linda, Teri, and asian tranny xxx webcam I took a needed nap, until Bob and Melody came over again on our last night at the beach.

We had dinner together again, but there was less fucking and more kissing and sucking tits that night.
Bob and John were almost fucked out, and they only ejaculated three times each before morning.

Teri spent hours at a time kissing Bob and John and having her tits sucked, as they lay in bed nuzzling like old lovers.
I xxx web cam spent a lot of my time with Linda, and I was feeling closer to her all the time, just as it seemed Teri was becoming attached to Bob and John.

We left the next day at noon for the drive back to Raleigh, and John was still sitting with Teri, and I was sitting with Linda.
We had had enough sex over the weekend to last us several days, so Teri didn’t fuck John again until the next weekend.

That gave Teri and me a lot of time to talk about our new lifestyle, and it was no surprise to me that she was eager for more.
In fact, that chance encounter with Bob and Melody at the beach was her impetus to move out of our comfort zone of fucking old friends and seek out other neighbors or even strangers to fuck.

It was agreed that she would look for another couple for us to share, and I was pleasantly surprised with her choice.
Within a couple of weeks, she told me that she had reached agreement with our neighbor, Wendy, to fuck her husband, Richard, since Wendy wanted to be fucked and sucked by me.

I asked Teri how she could have even brought up the topic with a couple that we weren’t close with, like John and Linda, and she said, “It was easier than I thought it would be.
I invited Wendy over to talk and share some wine.

After we were on our third glass and feeling relaxed, I got her talking about her sex life.
She mentioned that she was a little jealous that Richard was always staring at me.
It was easy after that.

” The thing that pleases me is that Wendy is a big woman, not overly obese or anything, but at five feet and five inches tall, and weighing one hundred and eighty pounds, she’s a lot of woman.
Besides her watermelon-sized-breasts, her most outstanding feature is her big cushy ass.

I asked Teri why she chose them, and she said, “Well, first, Wendy told me that Richard has a thick, nine-inch cock, and secondly, she wants to experience having her pussy sucked, like we know you know how to do webcam sex vids.
Richard thinks it’s gross to eat her out, even before they fuck, because of the weight she’s gained.

He didn’t like it so much before that, either.
” “The real treats for you are her thick thighs and fat ass, but I think you’ll also enjoy burying your face in her massive tits.

I hope you weren’t kidding about wanting to be smothered in pussy and ass flesh, because she’s got plenty for you.
I didn’t tell her about your taste for ass, so you can surprise her with that.

” John and Linda seemed a little disappointed at first, when we told them that we were going to swap with our other neighbors.
But we convinced them that it would be fun to include another couple, and we were sure that we could have a three-way swap soon.
We invited Richard and Wendy over on a Friday night, when our kids were out, and it was a fun evening.
Richard was very anxious to fuck Teri, after seeing her naked for the first time, and especially since she’s not overweight like Wendy.

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