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She held onto my head for balance, giving me a little smack when I tickled too much.
I began rinsing her. I started at the top of her head using my fingers on her scalp and massaging the conditioner out of her hair.

I turned her around, allowing her to rinse her face in the spray, and then smoothing my hands down her breasts and to her pubic thatch below. I lifted one leg allowing the spray to penetrate between her legs. The feeling caused her to catch her breath.

I turned her around and used both hands to smooth the water down her back and over her lovely ass. I pulled her to me, reaching around to spread her ass cheeks, allowing the water to flow between and down her long, lovely legs.

Cassie kissed me again as I stood there, an ass cheek in either hand, my cock hard between us. We both felt the water begin to cool.
“My turn,” she said. “I’ll hurry. ”
She was all business as she washed me, top to bottom.

She stood in front of me and soaped up my very erect penis, then reached behind to hold my butt in both hands. She snaked one soapy finger into the crack and down between my legs from the back. She stared into my eyes the whole time.

She turned me around to wash my legs, leaning in once the soap was gone to plant a tender kiss on each cheek of my butt. I tried to turn around to give her something else to kiss, but she had a firm grip on my hips and wouldn’t let me.
Finally, we were out of hot water.

I could have turned on the generator and heated water sexy asian ladyboys webcams that way, but I knew Cassie wouldn’t like it. It would be a waste of energy.
We got out and toweled each other off. She wrapped herself in a big towel as she dried me.

Somehow, she was even sexier to me with the towel wrapped around her like that, her wet hair falling over her bare shoulders.
She tried to avoid my cock when she was drying me, but he wouldn’t be ignored. He kept poking her, in the breast, the shoulder, and finally right into her cheek.

“Are you doing that on purpose?” she asked, smiling and wiping her cheek with my towel.
“No,” I said. “But I wouldn’t put it past me either. ”
She smiled and turned me around, finishing my feet and legs from behind.

We both wrapped our heads in towels to get our hair to dry faster. We walked into the kitchen wrapped in towels, mine around my waist, hers just under her shoulders, and made a late supper from leftovers.

I had some soup that Celeste and I had made that we ate cold along with some pickles and nuts.
I sat across from Cassie, watching her eat and marveling at her. Her shoulders were soft and lovely, the lines of her collar bones prominent, but not unreasonably so.

She had a fast metabolism, even now, and she had very little fat on her body.
I was mesmerized by a light spattering of freckles across her chest and down into her cleavage. The dancing lamp light had made them difficult to see earlier.

Now, I was sitting right beside her and paying close attention.
Cassie talked about continuing to work on the other house tomorrow. She would try to continue where Celeste left off, dancing on webcam helping her, but not making changes to her plans.

I didn’t have any other plans, really, so I told her that I would be available to help however she needed.
“That’s sweet,” she said, leaning in and kissing my cheek. “Thank you. ”
“Would you like to go swimming tomorrow?” I asked.
“If the weather’s hot, that would be great,” she said bisexual webcam. “Could we ride the horses there?”
“Sure,” I said. “They like to swim too, sometimes. ”
“I love horses,” she said, her gaze unfocused.

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