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The guys then knelt on the floor in front of The Twins.
They removed their jeans; no underwear! The Twins were naked.
They lay down on the floor again, this time head to head.
Brett buried his face in one Twin’s bush, Daryl in the other.
They licked, probed, and sucked.

Pretty soon one of The Twins cried out in a climax.
I had no idea Brett knew how to eat pussy.
A minute later Daryl had given the other Twin an orgasm.
Now the girls stood up.
They removed the guys’ shirts and repeated the kissing, licking, sucking and returning for a kiss.

Then they knelt in front of the guys.
They unbuckled belts and undid jeans.
They slowly lowered the guys’ jeans to the floor.
No underwear.
They had a theme going.
In unison the twins brought the guys’ rods into their mouths.

They sucked, they licked and sucked their balls, they rimmed the guys’ assholes, then back to some more dick-licking.
They edged the guys for about ten minutes.
I could tell both of them were ready to explode.
The girls then lay on the floor again, head to head.

Daryl lowered himself slowly onto one Twin.
She grasped his prick and brought it to her love channel, and slowly helped him get that monster part way into her pussy.
Brett lowered himself onto the other Twin.

Brett had nothing to be ashamed of, but, frankly, all I could think of was a garter snake compared to an anaconda.
His dick slipped effortlessly into her cunt and he began thrusting.
The Twins pushed up against the guys, who pushed back with increasing power and speed.

The Twins were writhing on the floor and moaning.
The guys were moaning also; this was hot in the extreme.
Finally, Brett tensed and released his load into one Twin.
Then Daryl, still only % of the way inside the other Twin, did the same.

The couples kissed, then stood and took a bow to thunderous applause.
I told Sylvia I didn’t understand why a Twin would have sex with a gay guy.
She said The Twins had told her I was a good lay, but Brett looked like a dream and fucked like one also.

He had been voted HFOC last year (Hottest Faggot on Campus) and I understood why.
So, I tried it from a different angle.
Forgetting what Charlie had said, I had no idea a gay guy would fuck a woman.

Sylvia replied that we were only about two or three weeks into the year, and asked who I had had sex with so far.
“Well, there’s you,” I said.
“And Valerie and Charlene.
And Janice.
Oh, and one of the twins.

I can tell them apart now because one knows a lot more about marketing than the other.
Of course, when your tongue is buried in a pussy you can taste lots of things, but marketing expertise isn’t one of them.
” “Is that all?” asked Sylvia.

“How about Melissa?” I had forgotten Melissa.
“Sure,” I said.
“And what about Jay?” she asked.
Well, that was true.
“And Seth?” she continued.
Yeah, that was also true.

“And Ted?” Now I objected.
“We never had sex,” I replied.
“I had his dick in my mouth, sure, but he withdrew before he came.
” Sylvia gave me “the look,” the one that says stop trying to kid either one of us.
“Okay, so six girls and three guys.

What about it?” I wanted to know where this was going.
“Sometimes straight guys suck dick,” she said.
“Why wouldn’t a gay guy fuck a pussy?” Why not indeed.
My Anthony education was occurring increasingly outside the classrooms.

Well, my next gang bang really did have to wait a lot longer than I wanted it too.
The next couple of days were agony for me and the eight guys; they were desperate to give me another good seeing too, and I was going out of my mind wanting to fuck my next three guys but there was no chance it was going to happen any time soon.

With the guys going back to uni the day after tomorrow, I did everything I could to tease them and drive them insane whenever I could behind my husband’s and son’s backs.
The evening after the guys had licked me out on the dining room table me, my son and live chat sex cam husband along with the eight guys relaxed in the lounge and watched a movie on the television.

We had a large lounge, the eight guys all sat next to each other on the big sofa while me husband and son sat in front of them with their backs to them.
I knew I had to make my eight university student fuck buddies as horny as hell, so I went upstairs and pulled my knickers off under my skirt and returned to the lounge and sat opposite them on the armchair.

As the movie started I could hardly watch any of it, I was so desperate for these guys to be inside me, I stared at the guys who every now and again would look over at me and give me a cheeky wink or smile.
My husband and son were completely into the movie and paying no attention to what me and the rest of the guys were doing.

I would slowly tease the eight guys by opening my legs slightly for them.
I turned and made out I was watching the movie but knew that every one of them guys were getting a good view of my pussy up my skirt.
It was so wrong but so dirty to do this in the same room as my son and husband.

I could see the guys getting turned on; they were as desperate to fuck me as I was to fuck them.
Well, the day come when the guys were leaving to return to uni.
I was gutted; I had no idea how I was going to get my next fucking session with them.

It was only a week to go before Christmas and the only present I wanted was to be filled full of their cocks.
I spent all the Christmas holidays daydreaming about their cocks.
I was like a soppy teenager missing her first boyfriend.
I needed a way to meet them and tube tranny webcams after an agonising three weeks my time was about to come.
It’s tranny in fur cams now the start of January; my son was about to return to university.

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