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It’s just that I think it’s my turn.
You made me cum in your mouth yesterday and I think it’s time for me to return the favor.
You said you wanted to cum here, right?” he said, chuckled and then said, “I want to taste your sweet pussy, Liz.

I want to lick it and suck it and make you writhe in ecstasy until you cum,” and reached under her arms, pulling her to stand up.
She looked at him wide eyed, her pussy dripping even more as she stood up in front of him.
She reached down to pull her thong off, but he stopped her.

He mature webcam hugged her and whispered into her ear, “I want to do that, OK?” “OK, Tom,” she agreed as her pussy heated up even more.
No one had ever really treated her like this before.
With her brother, it started out awkward, ‘you show me, I’ll show you.

’ Later, it was more a demanding and pent up, ‘let’s make each other cum.
’ The guys at her school, just wanted to cum and didn’t give a fuck how.
You just made them cum, with your hand, your mouth or your pussy.

Not one seemed to ever be concerned about making her cum, let alone want to eat her pussy.
As they hugged, she felt his hard cock trying to poke at her pussy.
It only served to make her wetter with anticipation.
Then he kissed her.

Her heart was beating hard in her chest as she felt his lips on hers.
This was like no other kiss she had before.
Not like those boys from school.
It was a real kiss.
She was like putty in his hands.
He turned them so she had her back to the bed as they continued to kiss.

He pushed her back until her legs hit the side of the bed as his tongue pushed between her lips, grazing her teeth and then playing with her tongue.
His hard cock kept flexing against her thong, trying to enter right through the material.

She couldn’t remember ever wanting to cum as bad she did right then.
She never had the desire to have something, anything enter her as badly as she did at that moment.
He pulled away from their kiss and gently eased shemales suck shemales webcams her to sit on the bed.

He reached over her head, down her back and untied the bottom of her top and removed it.
His hard cock pushed against her cheek.
She instinctively reached up and wrapped her hand around it.
He chuckled and said, “No, Liz.
It’s your turn,” he said gently and then pulled away.

He reached down and pulled her legs up to lay her down on her back on the bed.
He bent over again and pulled his shorts and underwear down and then off.
He stepped to the foot of the bed, looking up and down her almost naked body, licking his lips.

She stared at his hard cock flexing up and down in front of him.
She wanted it inside of her as her pussy contracted at the thought.

He dropped down to his knees and reached up to her thong, smiling into her eyes as he gently pulled them down her legs, occasionally, kissing her leg as he went and then pulling them off of her.
He looked up at her eyes again and then down at her wet pussy.

He licked his lips again as he spread her legs out wider.
“Oooooh, Tom,” she moaned out in an almost whisper as he got up on the bed between her legs.
He picked up one of her legs and kissed her foot.
Then he kept kissing up her leg and inner thigh.
Her breathing became erratic.

She had never experienced anything like this before.
It was so exciting and making her wetter by the second.
“Lick my pussy,” she was screaming out in her head, as she tried to raise her hips up, moving it to his lips and tongue.
He chuckled as he put her leg over his shoulder at the knee.

Then he grabbed her other leg, starting at her knee this time.
He could smell her strong scent as he teased her, kissing all along her adult webcam websites pussy lips, but not between.
Kissing all around her hard clit, but not on it.
Her hips started to buck.

Her desire of having something on her clit and in her pussy had never been greater.
“Tom, Tom, Tom, please,” she begged him.
He moved his nose, touching her clit as he inhaled deeply, causing her suck her breath in deeply.

He slithered his tongue out slowly, pushing it along her slit from the top down.
“Oh my God, TOM!” she screamed out with his first real contact and gasping for air.
He moved his mouth over her pussy and encased her opening with his lips and then slowly pushed his tongue out and inside of her.

“OOOOH!” she moaned out loudly, and he felt her hands on his head holding him there as his tongue kept going in deeper.
She couldn’t believe it.
She couldn’t believe that someone could make this feel as good as Tom was now.

She knew she was going to explode at any moment as she gripped his head in her hands, never wanting it to move away from her.
Then he thrust his tongue in and out quickly, causing her to yell out incoherently.
Sounds that she didn’t even know that she could make.

Then the most amazing thing happened, simultaneously his thumb rubbed her excited clit as his tongue curled up inside of her, with its tip rubbing against her most sensitive spot.
“Ooooooh, Fuck!” she screamed out at the top of her lungs as she almost passed out.

The orgasm took over her entire being as her back arched up.
Her knees clamped Tom’s head between them and her hands held the back of his head in a grip that could crush a car.
Her juices flooded Tom’s mouth.
He swallowed as fast as he could but he couldn’t keep up.

For over a full minute, wave after wave of pleasure went through Liz’s body, before her grip loosened on Tom.
Her whole body shook, her eyes were shut tight, her arms landed at her sides, clenching the sheet tightly in her hands as her orgasm continued.
Tom grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it as he looked down at Liz in her orgasmic state.

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