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And so for half an cam sex chat hour or so they lay together until Steve suddenly withdrew his still hard meat from his partner’s ass and said: “Roll over Kyle and stick your ass well up in the air and I’ll try and fulfil your wish for a really rough, hard fuck. ”
And then without waiting for Kyle to reply, he pulled the lad up by his arms, swung him around on the bed, forced him down to his knees and knelt behind him, surveying the ass he had just fucked. webcam tube sex

Kyle did not resist when Steve told him to spread his legs and said: “Come on Kyle, jump to it lad I’m going to do for you what you asked me to do; so open your legs and let the dog see the rabbit. ”
Steve’s actions were not altogether altruistic, for he himself wanted to rough fuck his young partner just as much Kyle was yearning to be fucked yet again; an example of how quickly anal sex becomes addictive. Then, with no warning at all to Kyle, Steve again plunged his hard meat deep inside Kyle with considerable force, again giving him his full length.

Then exactly as Kyle had requested Steve showed him another side of his character; he pumped the lad’s backside as sadistically hard and as fast as he could, with the movements of his erect penis resembling the motion and regularity of a piston of a steam locomotive.
Kyle was once again delirious with pleasure as he felt Steve pounding him relentlessly with his magnificent piece of hard flesh, reciprocating at great speed and force, in and out of his fuck-hole.

And if he had enjoyed being made love to by Steve, he now equally enjoyed being treated in a brutal manner by the man whom he now saw as his mentor in all matters sexual.
When the second climax finally came, it was again for both of them together.

Kyle jerked out a seemingly endless stream of spunk which he sprayed everywhere. Steve again discharged his own offering deep inside of Kyle before this time withdrawing himself from his partner.

And then, once again exhausted by their efforts the two of them fell soundly asleep on what was by now a rather soggy bed.
They slept until early evening when it was again Kyle who woke first.

He looked at Steve, still sleeping naked, flat on his back with that wonderful piece of male-meat, with which he had taken Kyle to heaven and back twice that afternoon, now flaccid and resting peacefully.
Kyle marvelled, as he hot shemale with big dick cams looked at his partner’s sex organ, that such an inoffensive looking object was capable of turning itself into the battering ram which, just a few hours ago, had given him the two greatest sexual experiences of his life.

By way of paying homage to his partner, Kyle bent over and took his partner’s soft piece of man-meat in his hand; then he took Steve’s cock-head into his mouth and very gently started sucking it. Very quickly, even though Steve was still deep asleep, his penis started to perk itself up and in a few minutes Kyle was able to serve Steve as Steve had served him.
With the tip of his tongue, he very delicately circled repeatedly the well-defined rim of Steve’s cock and from time to time applied his tongue to the slit. And as he continued with his gentle ministrations with his tongue on Steve’s cock-head, the glans penis, that most sensitive part of a male’s sexual anatomy, Kyle saw that he had gradually induced a full erection of Steve’s meat, which by now rock-hard stood there proudly ready for action.
Steve now suddenly awoke from his deep sleep, and saw that his young partner had succeeded in giving him a true boner and was intent on profiting from the opportunity which he had managed to create for himself.

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