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His finger started rubbing my G-spot, it felt so good to me.
Faster and faster his finger moved in me.
My G-spot was being attacked by two of his fingers now.
I was feeling a new sensation the faster he rubbed me inside.

I suddenly felt a new feeling like I never had before and fluids squirt out of me and onto Deshawn’s fingers and arm.
At first I thought I had peed but it wasn’t like peeing, the sensations were phenomenal.
Deshawn laughed when he asked, “You like squirting? Your bed is now soaking wet.

” “Stop laughing and stick that big cock of yours in me,” I yelled at him.
“I want to fuck, right now.
” Deshawn looked scared as he grabbed his cock and aimed it at my pussy.
“Dammit, shove it in.
I need to be fucked hard right now.

” He frantically pushed his cock between my pussy lips and then rammed it home.
My ass went into overdrive as I fucked his cock back.
It wasn’t long and my orgasm rocked my body.
I clung to Deshawn, he held me until I came down from my high.
I laid back and he fucked me until he came.

He was pretty much out of cum, but the cock throbbing was fantastic.
Deshawn pulled his cock out me for the last time that night.
We had fucked at least three times and he was out of cum.
My pussy was in need of a rest also.
Deshawn dressed.

“Goodnight Deshawn.
I need the next three days to recuperate from the best fucking I have ever had.
These last four days have changed my life forever.
I hope to be calling you this weekend with a positive answer in regards to Tasia.
You and I, I don’t know how that will go.

If he is really hot for Tasia, I’ll use that and say I’m really hot for your black cock also.
He’ll have to agree then.
” Deshawn and I kissed for a few minutes before he opened the door.
“If he agrees to you and I, fuck his brains out.

If he doesn’t agree, don’t fuck his brains out and tell him it’s a no go with Tasia.
He’ll get the message and agree.
He probably thinks your fucking around on him already.
I’d bet a thousand he has had some pussy in some port this last cruise.

Goodnight, I’ll be expecting your call one way or the other.
” He put his arm around me and then he slapped my ass a good whack.
That hurt, but I like it.
Get out of here sexy before I change my mind and need another fuck.
” Deshawn smiled as he closed the door.

I went into my bedroom and stripped the sheets and the wet mattress pad.
I washed the mattress pad and then the sheets.
When the pad was dry, I put it back on the mattress.
I took out new sheets and made the bed.
I Febreezed the whole house.

With all the fucking that has gone on here the last four days, there had to be some odor.
I read a few chapters of my book before I became tired.
I put the book away, stripped naked and crawled into bed.
Two more days of school before I had Thursday off, but I had to work on Friday.

The weekend was free, and I would probably spend a lot of time in bed with Ted.
I’ve changed and I’m sure he will notice.
I’ll miss Deshawn’s cock, but Ted’s is pretty nice also.
I exited the train at my station.
I was excited; tomorrow Ted would be home.

He texted me today, as soon as he had cell phone reception.
The boat would dock during the night Wednesday, and he would be on shore around : AM.
He wanted me to meet him at the boat.
He texted, ‘He had exciting news for me’.

Thursday morning I was up at : webcam girl dildo AM.
I would have to leave at : to meet Ted.
I had plenty of time.
I ate my breakfast, today I made my favorite, oatmeal.
Don’t laugh, I’ve loved oatmeal since I was a baby.

After my breakfast I headed for the bath.
After taking a nice hot shower I dried my hair.
I wanted to look really nice for Ted.
I wanted him to be proud of me I am particularly fussy about my makeup.
There is nothing that pisses me off more than seeing a half-ass makeup application.

So many young girls just throw on some lipstick and mascara and think they are done.
There’s a lot more to makeup than that I still have a half hour to get dressed.
Ted is so used to me covering up and hiding my body he will be surprised today.
I bought a new dress that is also a mini.

He has never seen a dress on me that wasn’t below my knees.
It also has a ‘U’ front and with my new bra, he will see a lot of cleavage.
I was ready.
I looked in the full length mirror, I liked what I saw.
My figure was great as always, my hair was coiffed exactly like I wanted it.

My legs were encased in nylon stockings that perfectly matched the color of my dress.
I looked at the changes, the short dress allowed a lot more leg to be seen.
And my dress top showed my cleavage to perfection.
I’m sure Ted would notice.

I had the perfect answer if he asked why? “Because I’m your new wife, gone is the old frumpy wife, now you can say.
Hello Hotty.
” I backed my car out into the street and headed for the base.
The gate guard studied my ID card and waved me through the gate.

I’ve been down here before and I found parking near the pier Ted’s boat was tied up at.
There were other people waiting also.
Mostly wives with kids.
There were some girlfriends there also.
Soon sailors were walking down the gangplank onto the pier.

Wives and girlfriends were running to hug and kiss their man.
I knew I would have to wait and that was fine with me.
I enjoyed seeing the happy faces of the crew and their families.
The single men now came off the boat and walked to a waiting bus.
At last I saw Ted.

He saluted the OOD, turned aft and saluted the ensign, and walked down the gangplank.
I was waiting on the pier next to the gangplank.
Ted saw me and hurried to me.
He picked me up, hugging me and kissing me.
I was so happy to see him I was crying.
He put me down and wiped my tears away.

We hadn’t said a word so far.
I put my arm in his and we walked away from his sub.
I led him to our car in the parking lot.
When we were seated in the car we spoke for the first time.
“Hi beautiful,” he said. coed cam
“It’s so nice to be home.
I’ve missed you so much.

You look so pretty, all decked out in a new dress, you are just gorgeous.
I love you so much.
” “I love you too my handsome man,” I said.
I’ve missed you so much.
I bought this dress just for you.
Do you like it?” “I’m not used to seeing you in a mini dress that shows a lot of cleavage.

You are one sexy woman.
Let’s go home so we can relax and get reacquainted.
” I drove us home.
We walked into our home, and Ted picked me up and walked me to our bedroom.
He set me down and proceeded to strip me of my dress.

When I was just standing there with a bra, panties and garter belt holding up stockings, he stepped back and just admired me.
“What gives?” He asked.
“I’ve never seen you dressed this way.
You are always so conservative.
Don’t get me wrong, I like this new you a lot.

” “I’ve changed some Honey.
I’ve tossed off the old me and I’ve become the new more open me.
All the religious hangups I was taught are now gone.
I’m a new person, and I hope you love me just as much as you loved the old me.
I’m really hoping you’ll love the new me more.
” Ted kissed me.

I pressed my lips to his and forced his lips apart with my tongue.
Ted opened his mouth and our tongues did a love dance.
We haven’t French kissed for years.
Ted removed my bra and kissed my nipples.
I put my hands on his head and held him against my breast.

When he moved to my other breast I did the same again.
My nipples were very hard and Ted started to suck on them.
Ted always knew how to suck my nipples just a certain way.
He was doing it now, and I was going crazy horny, moaning and telling him how much I liked his mouth on my tits.

That was new, I never told him that before.
Ted was kissing young amateur cam his way down my belly, hooking his fingers into my panties, he pulled them down to the floor.
I lifted first one foot and then the other and kicked them off.
Ted lifted me up and placed me on my back.

He crawled onto the bed between my legs.
He didn’t even wait to remove his uniform, he went straight to my pussy.
I was very wet by now.
Ted was an adept pussy eater.
I never let him eat me out before, only finger me, but now his tongue and lips were consuming my cunt, “Oh Baby, eat me.

Your tongue is making me so hot.
” Ted responded by sticking his tongue inside my vagina.

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