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It felt very erotic as my ass cheeks jiggled and swayed back into place.
Dave gasped when he saw my asshole and pussy exposed when he spread my ass, and he said, “Holy shit, Jen, your ass is more beautiful than when we dated.
I just love how firm it feels in my hands.

You should be very proud of the shape you’re in.
” I was anxious to feel his big cock.
As I started to get up and turn around, Dave pressed me back on the box and pulled my thong down my legs.
I was then totally exposed to his view.

I felt him stand up and heard him lower his zipper and drop his pants and underwear to the floor.
He leaned into me and I felt his thick cock pressing against my pussy.
Then I said, “Dave, I really wanted to see and suck your huge cock again.

I guess there will be time for that after you fuck me.
I just have to feel you inside of me.
Please fuck me but be gentle since I’ve never had a cock as big as yours.
” Dave was breathing heavily and began to press the big head of his cock into my tight pussy.

He finally got about four inches of that big fuck meat into me and said, “Oh shit Jen, you are so tight and wet.
I have dreamed about fucking you ever since we dated.
I can hardly believe that I am feeling your hot cunt gripping my cock.
I’ll be gentle until you get used to my size.

Then I’m going to fuck you hard and deep and live sex cam no sign up shoot my virile cock cream into your womb.
I sure hope you’re on birth control!” Dave began pushing into me slowly and I was taking a little more of his cock on each stroke.

He finally pushed gently up against my cervix when he was fully buried in me.
I felt his huge balls pressing against my ass and I was surprised that I could take all of him in me.
He held himself there for a minute to let me get adjusted to his size.

Then he slowly began stroking into and out of my inflamed pussy.
I was having constant orgasms due to the tightness of his cock in me.
I was thrashing and babbling incoherently, and I pushed back hard against him on each stroke.

Dave continued to fuck me for only shemale upskirt webcams videos five minutes.
Then he moaned and held himself fully in me and I felt his big load of semen and sperm spraying against my cervix.

The excitement of watching my ass all night and the tightness of my pussy must have been too much for him and made him cum quickly.
I was determined to make the next fucking last much longer.
Dave pulled out of me and said, “Man oh man, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.

You are one sexy lady and I can tell that you really enjoyed that as well.
I’m happy to be the first big cock you’ve had.

” I lifted online sexy cams myself off the boxes and turned around to face Dave, and while dropping to my knees I said, “We both enjoyed that very much.
Now I have to feel your big cock and balls in my mouth.
Just stand there and let me clean you up.

” I knew that his cock was big from our experiences in high school and from feeling him in my tight cunt.
I was fascinated seeing it hanging there in front of my face.
It was easily nine inches long and as thick as my wrist, even though it was already softening.

And it was covered in my juices and his cum.
I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth and was pleased with the taste of our combined juices.
I took as much of him into my mouth as I could.
Since his cock continued to soften I was soon able to get it all in.

I started to actively suck him while rubbing his huge balls, which had descended again after his ejaculation.
Within a few minutes his cock began to stiffen and was soon fully hard.

I pulled him out of my mouth to suck and clean his balls and scrotum sack and Dave was moaning loudly as I sucked him.
Then he said between heavy breaths, “Damn, Jen, Mindy only sucked my cock once when we were first married and has never sucked my balls.
You could make any man happy.

” I soon stopped sucking his cock and said, “I’ll give you a complete blow job another time, but for now, I have to feel your hard cock in my pussy again.
You’re going to be able to fuck me for a longer time since you’ve already cum once.

I want to be on my back this time, so you can suck my tits while fucking me.
” I laid back on the boxes and spread my legs and Dave moved forward to push his hard cock into me.
He leaned down to suck my tits and his stroking felt so good in me.
He fucked me for twenty minutes that time.

It felt so good to feel him filling my vagina with cum again.
After he pulled out of me I pulled my thong back on and then dropped to my knees again to clean his cock.
It was getting late then and I needed to get home before Ed got back from work, so Dave and I kissed again and said our goodbyes.

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