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If I could I think I would go around naked all the time, clothes are so annoying.
It had been hot today and a thin sheen of sweat covered my body.
I turned on my fan and lay back, stripping off my shirt and bra.
I shivered slightly as I felt the cool air hit my pussy full on.

I never wore underwear and so my lower half was bare and the fan was aimed right toward it.
A shudder went through my body and I figured since my dad wasn’t home I’d play a little bit.
My hand slowly slid down my body, caressing my breast and the already hardening nipple.

I let out a soft little moan and watched my hand continue down my body.
Soon, my small fingers were rubbing my clit and spreading my lower lips apart.
My index finger dipped into my entrance and then eased all the way in.
After a few minutes I had two fingers in and I was fucking myself hard.

Moans and gasps were being torn from my lips and I shudder slightly, oh daddy.
I blushed softly.
Since when had I started wanting my daddy to touch me? It didn’t really matter though.
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Every girl has fantasies about her dad right? So, I decided to just go with it.
I began picturing my dad, all ’’’ of him.
He’s in shape and toned without being ridiculously ripped.
He’s always had thick, dark, brown hair that I’ve always just wanted to run my fingers through.

Before I know it I’m soaking the bed underneath me and screaming my orgasm, all while thinking of my dad.
As I’m coming down from cloud nine I hear something and look up.
There, standing in my doorway, is my dad.

His mouth is hanging open and his eyes are wide, and before I can say anything, he’s gone.
I rush to my door and slam it shut, clutching my thin sheet around me.
Was he watching the whole time or had he just seen the end?

I was in shock and to my utter embarrassment; the thought of my daddy watching me masturbate made me wet all over again.
It was a few hours later when my dad made an appearance.
I was making dinner when he tried to sneak down the stairs, Dad I’m making spaghetti for dinner.

I didn’t know what you’d want.
He simply nodded and we ate dinner.
The rest of the night was tense and neither of us really said anything to the other one.
We both went to bed early, me skipping clothing, and after some more freaking out I finally fell asleep.

I was in a sound sleep when something odd made me wake up.
My stomach had clenched like it does when I’m masturbating.
I opened my eyes and looked down.
To my horror, there was a head between my legs and someone was eating me out for all they were worth.

I pushed at the trespasser and heard an all too familiar voice.
Calm down baby girl.
You’re dreaming and daddy wants to make it a good dream.
At first I didn’t believe it, but why else would my daddy be doing what he was?

As I lay back and gave in, my legs instinctively spread and I heard a sound of approval.
Daddy’s tongue rubbed roughly against my clit and I let out a cry when he nipped it.
He slid down and slipped his tongue slowly into my pussy, eliciting another cry.

My hands tangled in his hair and my back arched off the bed as his tongue scraped and rubbed against my insides, pushing deeper every second.
My hips rocked by themselves and I tried forcing his head closer to my cunt as pleasure built inside me.

His thumb and finger pinched my clit and I was finished.
My orgasm hit me hard and left me spent and panting under my daddy.
Oh daddy, that was amazing.
I’m glad babe, and one more thing, you aren’t sleeping.
My eyes snapped open and I stared at the smirk on his face.

There was just no way this could be possible.
My daddy wouldn’t really eat me out, but then, he just had.
I moved to sit up and look at him and noticed that we were both naked.
Daddy gripped my wrist and suddenly I was lying over his lap.

Now Olivia, masturbating is normal, but I heard you moan daddy’s name.
Why didn’t having sex on webcam you just come to me? I didn’t have an answer so I just shrugged slightly.
I should have known better.

Daddy’s hand landed hard on my bare ass and I cried out as I felt the sting.
He didn’t stop there though; soon daddy was spanking me hard in minute intervals, until my voice was hoarse from screaming.
Finally he stopped and to make me more ashamed of myself, I was dripping wet.

Daddy pushed me on the bed and I watched as he stood, his cock was the biggest I’d ever seen.
It was at least inches and thick as my wrist or more.
He grabbed my hair and moved me so I was kneeling on the bed.
I know you enjoyed that.
You like being daddy’s little slut baby?

I know you do, you’re soaking your bed.
Now it’s time for you to make daddy feel good.
My mouth watered and I wanted nothing more then to put my daddy’s huge cock in my mouth and suck until my jaw hurt.
I wrapped my small hands around his base and slowly tugged towards my mouth.

I wrapped my lips around the large tip and ran my tongue slowly over the slit, tasting a little bit a precum.
Clearly I was not the only one excited.
I tried taking more of the monster in my mouth and had to stop about half way, tightening my lips and sucking for all I was worth.

To give myself time to adjust I stroked and tugged on the half that wasn’t already in my mouth.
Hearing my daddy moaning and saying how good I was made me want to try that much harder.

I took a breath and slid all the way down, his cock slipping into my throat and making my eyes water a little bit.
Much to my disdain, he pulled me off and pushed me onto the bed.
I gazed up at him and licked my lips as I saw the impressive length of meat covered with my saliva.

He lay out on my bed and I knew just what to do.
I swung my leg over and straddled him, his tip pressed to my dripping wet pussy.
I rubbed it vivian porto tranny webcam up and down over my folds and shuddered when I heard daddy growl.
Stop playing and stick it in.

I couldn’t help the soft blush on my cheeks as he said this.
I lay my hands on his chest and slowly started impaling myself on my daddy’s cock.
In all honesty, I’d been saving my virginity and having something so big inside felt like I was being torn in half.

I somehow soldiered through the tearing of my hymen and slowly began moving up and down.
My pussy seemed to be eager to have something so deliciously huge inside and clenched around it as I slid up.

Daddy’s hands gripped my ass then moved up to squeeze my breasts and pinch my rock hard nipples.
I began bouncing and moaning like a whore as I fucked myself rough and fast.
Oh yeah slut ride daddy’s cock.
Mm I know you like this, scream for daddy.

He really didn’t need to tell me twice as my spot was struck roughly and I experienced my first orgasm.
I weakened slightly but daddy gripped my hips and began pounding his hard length deep inside my worn out pussy.

He finally let out a moan and then cried out as he shot his load deep in his baby girl.
Afterward, I lay on his chest, my head in a great sex fog.
His hand lightly rubbed my back and I fell into a deep sleep.
His cock was still buried deep inside me.

Level eleven… When the doors swished open, Amy found herself face to face with a woman she both feared and revered.
Marsha Hardwick: businesswoman extraordinaire whose racy looks and appetite for scandal were as legendary as her razor sharp mind.

Heart pounding, Amy wiped her sweaty palms before extending a hand and timidly mouthing, Hello.
The greeting was acknowledged with a polite nod but, disappointingly, nothing more.
Ignoring the outstretched hand, Marsha punched level one and twizzled to face the exit.

Her long, red fingernails impatiently tapped the wall as she waited for the doors to close.
Amy shrank back, hand dropping limply to her side.
She leaned against the wall while philosophically deciding that Marsha’s indifference was probably a blessing.
Getting noticed by Ms.

Hardwick was a dream but introductions inside a lift might give entirely the wrong impression.
Amy was a nervous wreck in lifts.
They scared the crap out of her.
Especially when going down.

As the crack between the doors zipped up tight, she reached for the polished steel hand rail and curled her fingers around it.
Wait for it… there was a slight jolt then the shiny metal box plummeted at an alarmingly rapid rate.

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