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” “Pete wasn’t a kid, he was twenty-five.
” Hearing the name of my ex, she scoffed.
“Bah, he was a kid in a man’s body.
” “But what a body he had! You know, I still miss his cock.

” “Shh, don’t use that kind of language; the kids are around.
” I walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “Cock, cock, pussy, cock in pussy.
” She pushed me away and laughed.
“Get out of here, do something useful.
” “I’m taking a shower.

” Ann was a prude and had always been as far back as I can remember.
Sometimes I wondered how she even had children.
Ricardo must have had to work hard to get into her panties.
I, on the other hand, loved sex.

I lost my virginity webcam foot tease when I was sixteen with a boy three houses down.
We had known each other for years before it happened and, since we were good friends, the idea of having sex with each other was a given.

We had smoked our first cigarettes together and drank our first cider together as well.
The sex wasn’t a big deal, we figured, so one day we simply got naked in his room, I lay down on the bed and he got on top of me.

After a bit of fiddling around, his cock slid into me, and he humped as fast as he could.
I guess he had jerked off because he knew when to pull out and came on the sheets between my legs.
We never did it again, and never spoke about it either.
I think it was a bad experience for both of us.

Pete and I fucked a lot, and I loved him watching while I played with myself.
I would either sit in a chair or lie on the bed or the sofa and slide my fingers in and out of my cunt.

He wasn’t allowed to touch me before he had pre-cum oozing out of his cock, which usually took up to half an hour of watching.
Then the fucker met Sophie, and it all ended.
She was a cashier in the local supermarket and a blonde.
I am a brunette, with a slender body, and a B-cup.

My eyes are dark blue and the best part of my body is my ass.
I’m of average height and maybe a pound or two too heavy, but I’m okay with that.
I don’t want to be skinny.
In the shower, I made sure my landing strip of pubic hair was perfect and then shaved my legs.

When I was done I applied plenty of aftersun lotion and walked naked into my room.
I waited to dress until my skin was dry.
I wondered who the man at the pool had been, and if he would be back the following afternoon.
Maybe I should talk to him, find out who he was?

Suddenly, I remembered that he had been naked, but I hadn’t seen his cock.
He had turned around so his back was turned to me, and when he lay down I didn’t get a glimpse of it.

The following afternoon when I sat up on the wall I saw tranny many cams that the stranger was already there.
He was face down on the same sunbed as the previous day.
When I jumped down he didn’t move or do anything else.

I went over to my sunbed and went through the same procedure as before.
This time, I had taken a bikini with me which I put on, using the towel as a shield.
When I was done, I lay down and closed my eyes.
The sun didn’t kiss my body as it so often is said to do.

No, this sun ate my body, bit huge chunks of my skin; it was burning hot and I lasted only what I thought was thirty minutes before I had to get into the water.
I didn’t want to wake up the sleeping man so I carefully sat down on the edge and then slid into the water.

It was like bathwater, warm.
I dipped my head and then shook out the water.
I swam a few laps and got out again and went back to my sun bed.
This time, when I glanced over at my neighbor, he had turned on his back and I could see his cock.

It lay flaccid between his slightly spread legs and a large ball sack could be seen.
I licked my lips; I might be single, but my sexual needs still needed attention.
Playing with my pussy at night wasn’t enough; I needed someone to watch me.

Since he hadn’t approached me or spoken to me I figured he was pretty harmless.
I decided to give it a go.
Spreading my legs a bit I let my fingers dance over my cunt, gently tapping my clit until the tickling feeling began.

When I became moist I slid my middle finger inside my cunt and pressed the palm of my hand against my clit.
Then slowly I began to finger fuck myself.
I kept an eye on the man but he didn’t move.
I had no idea if he was watching me, or if he was asleep, since he wore sunglasses.

As my orgasm grew deep inside me, I bit my lip and slid in another finger.
While I fucked myself a little bit faster, my body began to react and my breathing came in shallow gasps as my hips began to move under my hand.

When I was on the verge of coming I closed my eyes and arched my back, and with a long moan found release.
I slumped back and tasted my juices with my tongue, licking first one finger and then the other.
The man still hadn’t moved.
This was weird, I thought.
Maybe he was dead.

I stayed another half an hour before packing up my things, and during that time he still hadn’t moved.
He must be sleeping, I thought long dick ladyboy cams.
But as I walked over to the wall, he turned over onto his stomach and sighed loudly.

I left him there and drove home in bewilderment.
The next day I was first at the pool, but only a few minutes later he came over the wall.
He gave me a short nod and proceeded over to his sunbed and got himself ready.
I watched him, and considered giving him another show, but I never got to it.

Instead, I watched as he grabbed his cock and began to stroke it slowly until it was fully erect.
He spat on his palm and then began to jerk off.
I stared at him from behind my sunglasses, knowing my pussy was becoming very wet inside my bikini, but I didn’t move.

When he came several large globs of cum landed on his belly and inner thigh.
Instead of wiping them off, he simply stopped jerking off and lay still.
This was so strange, I thought.
Two people on opposite sides of a pool, playing with themselves.

As I lay there thinking about the situation, I realized how horny I was.
I turned over onto my stomach and got onto my knees.
My head rested on the sunbed and my ass was up in the air.

I wiggled out of my bikini bottoms and slid my hand between my legs and began to rub my slit which quickly became very wet.
I spread my pussy lips wide open and then began to rub my clit.
When I looked between my legs I could see how tiny drops of my juices fell to the towel below me.

The man seemed to be watching me, but it was impossible to know due to the sunglasses.
I came quickly and moaned loudly as my pussy contracted and my legs trembled as I came.
Again there was no reaction from the man.
I stayed on my stomach a while longer and then left.
The first thing I noticed the following day when I sat on the wall was that the sunbeds no longer stood on opposite sides.

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